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Empire of Sin

1 day ago

Empire Of Sin developer says bug fixes are on the way

They love him, Buggy Malone. It's low hanging fruit, but it's a pretty accurate pun to describe Romero Games' new strategical crime romp, Empire Of Sin. It came out earlier this week, and while players are having fun with it, many have been plagued by pretty bad bugs ruining the experience. From mission progress getting stuck, to not being able to back out of the…

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3 days ago

Empire Of Sin’s gangster crime spree kicks off today

It's almost time to make a start on your 1920s gangster career, because Empire Of Sin comes out today. The new strategy game from Paradox Interactive and Romero Games will plonk you in the shoes of a Prohibition-era crime lord to do what crime lords do best: shoot people, manage a criminal empire, and wear a fedora (cigar-smoking optional).

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3 months ago

Empire Of Sin’s tactical crime capers commence this December

Pack an extra-thick trenchcoat and woolly fedora, readers. Empire Of Sin, the tactical prohibition crime spree from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, is preparing to hit the streets this December. As I hear it, Chicago winters are real rough - but what better time to start extorting, shooting and smart-talking your way to the top than under the cover of a roaring blizzard?

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7 months ago

John Romero’s actual gangster gran will mind control toughs in Empire Of Sin

Romero Games celebrated Mother's Day yesterday with an ode to one seriously badass mother in their upcoming tactical gangster game Empire Of Sin. John Romero's actual great grandmother Elvira Duarte was apparently a brothel owner who they're making an homage to as one of the game's crime bosses. Despite being of advanced age, she's got a pretty gnarly special ability, they say in a new developer…

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10 months ago

Empire of Sin pushes its prohibition crime spree back to autumn

Stick the fedora back in the closet, gang. Empire of Sin, Romero Games' prohibition-era mob operation won't kick off its roaring spree for a few months yet. No, John and Brenda Romero haven't been taken outta the picture by a rival studio. The long arm of the law hasn't finally shuttered their backroom dealings. The devs just reckon they'll need a little more time to…

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1 year ago

The Empire Of Sin trailer makes quite a racket

The mob, for all their terrible, terrible crimes, are the perfect set-up for a tactical game. They have a structure, guns, and are in continual conflict with just about everyone, including themselves. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a game that’s done the organisation justice (that’s for the police to do, aha!) from a top-down level, but with Empire Of Sin…

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Romero Games and Paradox recruit Dotty Bacon and Two-Ton Clyde Malone for Empire Of Sin

Spit-shine your spats, dust off the fedora you hid in shame, and prepare to give some goombas the ol' rat-a-tat-tat in Empire Of Sin, a 1920s mobster strategy game announced this week at E3 by Paradox Interative and Romero Games (the studio of those Romeros, Brenda and John). We'll get to do crimes and build a gang of toughs with excellent names including Dotty Bacon,…

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