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Escape from Tarkov

5 months ago

Escape From Tarkov players want clearer rules about item sharing

Escaping Tarkov is difficult enough, I gather, when you're fighting against NPCs and other players who're better geared than you without also competing at a meta level against being mistaken for cheating. That's just what some Escape From Tarkov players believe is happening to them, getting banned for breaking rules that haven't been clearly communicated. Players are asking Battlestate Games to lay out the real…

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7 months ago

Escape From Tarkov’s next map is off to the big city

Battlestate today gave a new look at Escape From Tarkov's next map, named Streets Of Tarkov. Escaping the woods, warehouses, villages, and industrial facilities of previous maps, it'll head right into the big city. Battlestate say it will be the hardcore PvP first-person scavenge-o-shooter's "biggest and most detailed location ever". I say it has some unexpectedly stylish apartments for a game where you're desperate to…

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8 months ago

A big Escape From Tarkov update just wiped your characters, soz

You'd have thought people would have escaped from Tarkov by now, but they're still at it. Escape From Tarkov is a brutal, sandbox-ey shooter about scavenging for loot in a warzone where everyone has better guns than you - except for right now! A big update to the current early access build has brought a load of changes, but one of the most significant parts…

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11 months ago

Feature: Paper trail

Escape From Tarkov has sent me on a long quest for some toilet roll

Deep in a rusting warehouse, in a broken Russian state, I scope around a corner and stumble across the site of a massacre. Four, no, five bodies stretch the length of the hall, slumped and discarded. After reeling from the dead I click into Tarkov mode… Someone in that pile might have a roll of toilet paper!

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1 year ago

No, Escape From Tarkov won’t add female playable characters

After a year-ish of steadily growing a fanbase, serious Russian scavenging sim-o-shooter Escape From Tarkov recently exploded in popularity thanks in part to promotion from some big Twitch streamers. The torrent of new interested people have come bearing wishes and questions, including wondering if the developers will add playable female characters. No, Battlestate Games say, they won't. There's your answer. It seems they don't consider…

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2 years ago

Feature: Get me out of here

Escape From Tarkov is brutal, stressful and exhausting

*Click*, went my gun. Not the good, Richard Beymer kind of click. The "you're out of ammo and definitely dead" kind of click. The survivor in my sights had shrugged off my first few shotgun blasts, leaving me at the mercy of his assault rifle. He turned, shouted, and aimed. Then his gun clicked too, and I charged him with my tomahawk. It was a…

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3 years ago

Escape From Tarkov’s v0.8 trailer teases harrowing close-quarters combat

While hardcore multiplayer shooters aren't normally my thing, I find myself dipping a toe into Escape From Tarkov's pre-order beta once a week or so. It's a STALKER-inspired (minus the supernatural bits) hybrid PvP/PvE combat sandbox where teams of mercenaries scour an abandoned city for resources as they clash with both NPC gangs and each other. The main draw for me is how intensely violent…

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5 years ago

Scavenging A War-Torn City In Escape From Tarkov Video

Do you like guns? Do you like guns that realistically jam on you because you scavenged them in a war-torn Eastern European city and you had no other choice because people were trying to kill you and you had to defend yourself? Well that's kind of what Escape From Tarkov [official site] is all about.Last week, some of developers from Russian studio Battlestate Games hopped…

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