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4 years ago

League Of Legends’ Most Reassuringly Human Pro Game

Distracted as I was by the Oscars and an orchid festival and watching Casualty on catchup, I only dug back into week 7 of the North American LCS this morning. I'm so glad I did because the Dignitas/Renegades League of Legends [official site] match is now my favourite match in the whole world. This is because no fewer than four players died to an angry…

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RPS Asks: Is Your Competitive Streak Fading With Age?

I did spend a chunk of this morning gloating about how I was smashing Adam's Devil Daggers times but, by and large, competitiveness is rare for me now. As I settle into my thirties, my days of jostling for frags are behind me, and I haven't been passive-aggressive to Dota teamies in yonks. TELL THEM, PIP. Anyway. According to a recent report, this is common,…

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League Of Legends: UK Teams And The Path To LCS

Riot is increasing support of regional amateur League of Legends [official site] teams and will be giving a UK squad a chance at joining the EU pro scene's Challenger Series. That's the one which carries with it a chance of promotion into the top tier of play - the LCS.By now I suspect RPS readers are familiar with the existence of seasons of top level…

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Heroes Of The Storm: How Spring Esports Is Shaping Up

Blizzard has announced the full details of its Heroes of the Storm [official site] Spring Global Championship with eight regional shindigs culminating in a Global Championship event in April. The various prize pools for all of this top $1m and the company will be rinsing and repeating for a Summer and Fall season as well. I'll put their more detailed breakdown below with prizes and…

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5 years ago

720 Noscope Buyout: Activision Blizzard Rekt MLG

Pound your airhorn, crank up the dubstep, and scream Internet memes as if that level of 'irony' makes you any less irritating: Major League Gaming got totally #rekt. [My office, after work, bring a phone book and a sock filled with £3 in pennies -ed.]Monolithic publisher Activision Blizzard has bought up the digital sports organisation, which hosts big tournaments and streams all sorts of competitive…

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Many Millions Watched LoL’s World Championships

Folks together watched 360 million hours of the League of Legends [official site] 2015 World Championships across its five-week tour, say developers Riot Games. That's a lot. Here's the figure I like: "cumulative daily unique impressions" hit 334 million viewers, which I'll disingenuously pretend is 334 million unique individuals rather than a flashy pointless statistic because it'd let me dick about with numbers myself.Did you…

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ESL Announce Dates For $250,000 CS:GO Event

"You used to call me on my cell phone," announced ESL in a press release.No wait, I have Drake stuck in my head. He is the one banging on about a girl not phoning him anymore and being tedious about it. ESL were getting in touch about the 2016 dates for their mega Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, ESL One Cologne.It'll be taking place in Cologne's…

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Activision Blizzard And Their New Team Of Esports

So Activision Blizzard's creating a new division "devoted to esports" within the company. It's going to be chairman-ed by the former CEO of ESPN and the NFL Network, Steve Bornstein, and senior vice presidente-ed by a co-founder of Major League Gaming, Mike Sepso. There's a press release and everything.

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LoL Worlds 2015: The First Quarter-Final Winner

The first of the League of Legends World Championships [official site] semi-finalists have been decided after the European team, Origen, took on the LMS's Flash Wolves in the opening quarter-final at London's Wembley Arena.Spoilers await after the jump!

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Feature: The Wolves take on Origen

League Of Legends World Championships: Day 1 Is Flash Wolves vs Origen

The League of Legends [official site] World Championships has emerged from its group stage cocoon and eight beautiful quarter final butterflies have flapped their way to Wembley Arena. I'll be heading down there later today to watch the MOBA action unfold, chat to players and count the Teemo hats in the audience. But before I do, here's a smidge of info if you were thinking…

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Healing Hands: Lt. Morales Heads To Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm [official site], perhaps detecting that I had headed off for a few days, deployed a new patch for public testing and included a new character as well as a bunch of other twiddles and tweaks. At the time I was too busy working out how to say different ice cream flavours in Italian (and occasionally lapsing into Spanish, English and French)…

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League Of Legends 2015 Worlds Anthem – More Esports Or Less Esports Than Imagine Dragons?

This evening will be spent watching Legends Rising - a bunch of League of Legends [official site] documentaries focusing on specific pro players - but right now I'm digging through everything else the Worlds hype train deposited while I was on holiday. I like taking a look at what Riot do in the run up to Worlds because it's a total contrast to Valve's approach…

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Ark Survival Evolved’s Last Stand Tournament Open To All, Starts Tomorrow

Ark: Survival Evolved's Survival of the Fittest mode is designed for competitive play, bending the mechanics of the survival-and-crafting dinosaur game towards an experience that's faster paced and more aggressive. It's also designed to be more entertaining to watch on Twitch streams than the process of punching trees in the main game. If that sounds of interest: the game's developers [official site] have let us…

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League Of Legends All-Star Heads To LA

Ooh - in the excitement of whatever I was excited about last week I didn't see Riot had finally announced their League of Legends All-Star event information - it's in Los Angeles from 10-13 December.All-Star events are a very particular kind of fan service and hype which I find really invigorating. They tend to involve weird game modes, dream teams composed of fan favourites, in-jokes,…

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Battle For Two: Heroes Of The Storm Shrinks Ranked Party Size

So here's an interesting development. Heroes of the Storm's ranked play option is limiting party size to two people. In a mid-August patch the party size for Hero League was set at a maximum of four (you could actually play as a full five stack but it would put you into the Team League queue to play exclusively against other groups of five instead of…

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Major News: Dota 2’s New Pro Order

The Majors have been on the horizon for the Dota 2 [official site] pro scene for a while now. They're a series of big tournaments spaced through the year and around the globe culminating in The International. But Valve were reluctant to go into further detail until this year's International was done and dusted - i.e. now.The bit I'm most interested in is the restrictions…

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Rocket League: Watch Finale Of MLG’s First Tourney

I've just finished catching up on the grand final of MLG's first North American Rocket League [official site] tournament and it was a doozy of a best-of-three! The MLG eSports organisation have been dipping their toes in the Rocket League waters. It's mostly because their resident FPS expert and exec producer Chris Puckett is (like the rest of the internet) in love with the game…

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