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Europa Universalis IV

7 years ago

Feature: Some journalists just want to watch the world burn

The End Of Days: Europa Universalis IV Diary Part One

A few weeks ago, Paradox invited a group of journalists to Stockholm in order to see how much violence we could do to one another in a massive two-day multiplayer session of Europa Universalis IV. I packed my bags, steeled my nerves and prepared to present Rock, Paper, Shotgun the only way I know how - with fruitless acts of violence and a burning desire…

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Feature: The Least Serene Republic

Impressions: Europa Universalis IV

They say history is written by the victors and they quite often go on to say that Churchill said that, but they don’t appear to have any proof of the latter. I’m here to prove the former wrong as well. This is a Europa Universalis IV tale of betrayal and bellicose bastards, in which the losers have the final word, and that word is an…

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8 years ago

Feature: Trade Into Significance

Learning From The Past: Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV won't be out for a long time but it's already looking polished and that could be the most important fact of all. Whatever new features are in place, whatever old ones have been kicked to the courtly curb, the time that Paradox Development Studio are spending to make the sequel the most stable entry in the series is clear evidence that previous…

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