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Extrasolar review

Alternate alternate reality game game


4 years ago

Feature: Space rovin'

The Bleeding Edges: Extrasolar

The Bleeding Edges is a series of articles on alternative reality gaming - games that blur the line between reality and fiction, smudge the edges of the frame and let the game bleed over into your real life.When I reviewed The Temporal Invasion last week, I lamented that it fell short of the reality-augmenting pleasure* that I'd found in 2003's In Memoriam, and wished there…

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6 years ago

Rover’s Return: Extra Extrasolar

Browser-based planetary exploration/photography/conspiracy/ARG oddity Extrasolar was a smart idea that offered beautiful rendered 'photos' of an alien world as you remotely steered a rover across it, but it was eventually laid low by repetition (and amateur dramatics). I said so here, and as we all know things written in the past are irrefutable. While it did enough clever stuff to keep me very much interested…

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7 years ago

Feature: Alternate alternate reality game game

Extrasolar review

Extrasolar is a browser-based game about controlling a lunar rover as it explores the surface of an island on a far-off planet, poring over the photographs it returns, and inadvertently uncovering a conspiracy as you do. It's out now, and while paid upgrades are available it can very be much played for free - as such the below is a discussion of the experience, not…

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Explore Strange New Worlds, Get Weird Emails: Extrasolar

So, a clever thing happened before I'd even started playing the game which has me on Spoiler Protection Alert, and thus rather ill-placed to say useful things about Extrasolar. Added to that is that this planetary exploration game itself plays in real-time, which means I need to wait several hours for my interstellar rover to trek across miles of alien terrain before I can usefully…

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9 years ago

We’ll Go Some More A-Roving: Extrasolar

A potentially habitable planet has been discovered outside our solar system and, right now, the eXoplanetary Research Institute is looking for volunteers to explore the surface. You'd be controlling a rover and gathering data on the planet and its inhabitants, whether flora or fauna. Sound good? That's the premise of the new game from Lazy 8 Studios, makers of Cogs. It's called Extrasolar and it's…

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