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F1 2010

10 years ago

Codies Talk F1 Issues, Defend AI

About those confusing practice and qualifying AI results, they say this: "the AI times in such circumstances are calculated based on a ‘football management” style simulation model. Using this model all of the race factors, such as the car, driver, weather, tyres, engine, track conditions, traffic are all taken into account and a lap time is produced. These generated times are well considered and guided…

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Braking News: F1 2010 Irks, Impressions

Another Hurrah/Bah event for our books: F1 2010 is out, and has topped the UK All Formats chart! Well done, Codemasters. Hurrah. Except, oh dear, the game is also hideously bugged on all formats. Bah. The Codemasters technical forums make for quite some reading. Worth noting the really killer ones, too. Additionally, I've been playing the game, so you can read on for some more…

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F1 2010 Trailer Has Cars, Drivers, Beats

The trailers, they cannot be stopped. We're rushing around in the guts of Castle Shotgun, using giant steaming glue hoses to try and prevent more trailers from oozing their way into the machinery, but we just can't fight them all. Here's another, right now, from Codemasters! It's for F1 2010 and contains an extremely slick look at the tracks, cars, weather conditions and all that…

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11 years ago

F1 2010: Cars And Stuff! It’s true.

Yeah, those racing cars are racing fast in F1 2010, although they're actually the 2009 cars in this trailer, for reasons of commercial, sporting, and developmental intricacy. Codies show a bit behind the scenes of development, and that means highly detailed models of cars, the tracks they will zoom so precisely around, and a bunch of stuff about the challenges of working with F1 as…

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Interview: Codies On F1 2010

Of all the cars wot go fast few are as complicated, or generate as much Newtonian excitement, as F1 cars. No one knows this better than Paul Jeal, Codemasters senior producer, and a veteran of the Geoff Crammond era F1 games. It seemed advisable to ask him questions about F1 2010, and so that's what I did. Read on for our quick pit stop of…

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Codies Confirm F1 2010

This has been in the works for a while, but Codemasters have finally announced that their next big racing game will indeed be the official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship. This new game, F1 2010, will be based on the GRID/DIRT2 "EGO" tech. Codies say:In F1 2010 gamers will take on the full, expanded grid in a variety of game modes including…

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