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Falcon Age

3 months ago

Befriend a bird in Falcon Age on Steam today

Having grown tired of ridding the Epic Games Store of frightened rodents over the past year, first-person bird 'em up Falcon Age is expanding its hunting grounds from the Epic Games Store. Part robot-bashing action and part virtual pet, Outerloop's feathered debut arrives on Steam today, with 25% off for folks who adopt one of their virtual birds-of-prey for the next week.

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8 months ago

Give a falcon a beard, VR goggles, and make it fight colonial robots

We previously posted about Falcon Age on its release onto the Epic Store last year, but we didn't follow up on it, and that's a shame because although I suppose it's technically an action-adventure, I would prefer to call it a first-person tactical bird game. You are one of the native population of a planet colonised by an interplanetary corporation, using advanced robots and drones…

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1 year ago

Dress up a bird and make it dab: Falcon Age is out today on PC

Falcons, you say? Nah, pal, we've got none of that here. Seagull Age? I can get you in on that. Strap some soggy chips to your wrists and all. Might be stuck finding any robots to batter, but I'm sure some of those tourists haven't been scared off yet. If it's Falcons you're wanting, it's Falcon Age you're wanting to look up. Outerloop's chicken has…

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2 years ago

Raise, train, and dress a bird in Falcon Age, landing on PC soon

If you too have been watching enviously as your PlayStation pals post clips of them playing with an adorable wee raptor, chin up: Falcon Age is now headed towards PC. I've mostly been enthralled by people petting the bird, dressing it in costumes, and teaching it tricks as it grows, so I've honestly been surprised to see more now and discover the aviculture simulator has,…

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Every E3 2019 news story that matters on PC

Trying to keep up with E3 2019 is a fool's errand, and the foaming river of content streaming down the internet's face doesn't always make it easier. So here's a round-up of every news story from the show we think matters to you, with links to our full stories (and bantful liveblogs) where relevant. We'll be updating this hourly, so keep coming back.

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