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Fallout 76

1 week ago

A Fallout TV show is on the way from the makers of Westworld

War never changes, but prestige TV sure can. Today, Bethesda announced that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators of HBO's Westworld, are taking their cinematic lens to Fallout, working with Amazon Studios to create a post-apocalyptic telly show based on the long-running nuke 'em up RPG. Hold on, though - a darkly comic show about robot cowboys, deserts and conspiracies? Sounds quite a leap for…

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Fallout 76 coming to Xbox Game Pass For PC on July 9th

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service has released its list of new additions for July. There are a couple extra options for Xbox One players, but us PC folk will be getting access to Fallout 76 and Out Of The Park Baseball 21. Out Of The Park has been added to the catalog today, while Fallout 76 is coming on Thursday, July 9th.

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Fallout 76’s first season starts today with a pass offering sci-fi cosmetics

Today has brought the first of Fallout 76's Seasons, introducing one of those there season pass dealios with new items to unlock by levelling it up. Running until mid-September, Season One's pass is themed about a Captain Cosmos board game, with 100 levels of rewards including sci-fi outfits, skins, building blocks, and an actual useful item or two. Today's update also added Public Teams so…

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1 month ago

Fallout 76’s jolly Fasnacht robot parade is back on

The Fallout 76 clown car continued its strange journey this week, as the recently semi-redeemed MMO stumbled over another technical hitch.The popular in-game event Fasnacht Day was expected to start on Monday, but was quickly stalled by a bug. Players reacted with great frustration as the event was taken down, depriving everyone of an hourly semi-charming, semi-creepy masked robot march. Bethesda report that all is…

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2 months ago

Fallout 76 roadmap promises a combat overhaul and the Brotherhood of Steel for this year

Bethesda have released their remaining 2020 plans for scrap-hoarding MMO Fallout 76. Over the next 6 months they'll follow up the success of the Wastelanders update and its influx of NPCs by introducing a seasonal system featuring new missions, daily events, and a "major rebalancing of combat and rewards".

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You can try Fallout 76 and its new Wastelanders update free this weekend

Originally ill-fated and now much-upgraded sort of MMO Fallout 76 is having its moment in the sun at last. It's still not the best Fallout game on the block, but it's not someplace you'd be utterly embarrassed to invite your mates. To that end, Bethesda are running a free-to-play weekend starting this Thursday. Now that the online Fallout game has made its way to Steam,…

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Fallout 76 players donate thousands to help kind roleplayer

Fallout 76 fans have come together to return a player's kindness after he was struck by a house fire in his real life home. Brent Fairchild is better known as his character "CJ Martin", a doctor who wanders the wasteland giving food and medicine to needy strangers. His generosity has inspired many players to help out, first in game, and now during his offline moment…

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Fallout 76 has stopped wastelanders from nicking your guns

Not long after the Wastelanders update dropped, Fallout 76 players started noticing that some of their weapons were disappearing after they died. But it wasn't that they were vanishing into thin air - it turns out some opportunistic new human NPCs were looting players' corpses, and nicking the best guns from their bodies. Then would just wander round using the stolen goods right in front…

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Fallout 76’s Collectron bot stops working if you don’t acknowledge communism

Welcome back to Fallout 76, folks. Come on in, the water's nuclear warm. If you're coming back to Appalachia, you might need help gathering much-needed resources for your adventures. A handy Collectron bot can stomp around and collect junk for ya. If you choose to buy the new Communist Collectron though, you may find that your helpful worker is more concerned with spreading Communism than…

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3 months ago

Looks like pets are on the way to Fallout 76

The dog companions in Fallout games are iconic. Dogmeat? A hero. Rex? The best boy. I was surprised Fallout 76 never put in any sort of dog friend to help you out, but now I see Bethesda were just taking their time getting round to it. In a Q&A on Reddit yesterday, a couple of developers teased some of the stuff coming to the wastelands…

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There’s a special deer in Fallout 76 that will lead you to stashes of loot (but players keep killing it)

The next time you come across a Radstag in Fallout 76, have a quick check of its name before you start pelting it with bullets. The Wastelanders update brought with it many new and wondrous things, and one of those was the Observant Radstag. These albino versions of Fallout's radioactive deer are a bit different to their regular Radstag brothers and sisters - some say,…

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The Wastelanders update has put some new food on the menu for Fallout 76’s cannibals

Scrolling through the Fallout 76 subreddit last night, I came across a post that was a little different from the rest of the excited fans eagerly waiting to meet their first NPC wastelanders in the new update. "Best thing about Wastelanders," it said. "I'll actually have a steady non-rotten food supply. This post made by Cannibal Gang."This user wasn't alone, either. Their post was met…

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Steam users tried to review bomb Fallout 76, but some of its fans are having none of it

Yesterday, Fallout 76 arrived on Steam, bringing with it the brand new Wastelanders update. It almost seems like a total refresh for the game, introducing human NPCs, warring factions, quests to complete, as well as a bunch of much needed quality of life changes to the Wastelands of Appalachia. You'd almost think Bethesda added all these things purely to spite 76's players however, because shortly…

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Fallout 76 Wastelanders update finally populates Appalachia, is out now

Bethesda are hoping to repopulate Fallout 76. The newly released Wastelanders update brings human NPCs to their irradiated Appalachia, and the game finally launches on Steam, too. A whole year has passed in-game since the vaults first opened. The world has gained warring factions to side with, as is traditional in Bethesda games.

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Make sure Fallout 76’s new wastelanders won’t kick you out of your camp

The big free update that brings human folk back to Fallout 76's desolate West Virginia is launching next week. Settlers and raiders have moved back into the Appalachian hills to rebuild and hunt for treasure. The new factions are claiming territory too, which might conflict with the C.A.M.P. you've already built. Bethesda posted a handy map so you can make sure you aren't living somewhere…

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QuakeCon 2020 is cancelled

The Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center will not ring with the detonation of rockets or chugging of Bawls this August, for QuakeCon 2020 has been cancelled. Id Software's 25th annual fragfest is called off due to the usual concerns and uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic. What began as a big ol' LAN party has grown into a big marketing event too, particularly after Bethesda…

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Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update is delayed as Bethesda adapt to working from home

Unfortunately, Fallout 76 players are going to have to wait a tiny bit longer to meet its new human NPC residents, as the Wastelanders update has been pushed back by one week. Rather than coming on April 7th, the update will instead hit on the 14th, because Bethesda haven't been able to do some of the final testing it needs due to setbacks from Covid-19.…

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4 months ago

Meet the actual humans of Fallout 76: Wastelanders in Bethesda’s 20 minute preview

Alright folks, it's really happening. Fallout 76, the online Fallout game where the only people in town were other players, is getting more people. Fake people, that is, because it turns out that fleshy faces were quite missed in irradiated West Virginia despite the many amusing robot characters wandering around. As long promised, Bethesda are sending human characters into the mix to begin rebuilding, quest…

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5 months ago

Fallout 76 coming to Steam in April alongside new NPC update

Update: Hi there, it's me, the idiot who somehow thought we were in April. This month is, in fact, February. How is it only February. All this will happen on April 7th, not February 7th. Is it really still only February?After fifteen months exclusive to Bethesda's own store on PC, Fallout 76 has now finalised a Steam launch date of April 7th - also the…

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Bethesda repatriate Fallout 76 theft victims through in-game clone meetups

Last month, hackers stole Fallout 76 items from player inventories while they were inside the game, literally pinching the shirts from their backs. Bethesda's solution has been to create clones of affected players with their pre-theft inventories intact. If victims want to keep the gear they've gained since the hack and not switch to a month-old backup, Bethesda are offering an unusual experience: they'll log…

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