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Felix the Reaper

1 year ago

Screenshot Saturday Sundays: canine kickflips, melancholic moons, and dancing death

Screenshot Saturday! A day to take a look at some games that don’t yet exist, may become entirely different things at any moment, and yet still pique the interest for what they are right now. This week: one Halloween-y pooch, some extremely relaxing stargazing, and a semi-virtual dance off.

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Felix The Reaper begins his dance with death next month

Listen, it's a tough world out there. Whether dead or alive, we're all feeling the strain, and it's hard enough getting a job even with a heartbeat. It's hard being a shy, dance-loving skeleton in the modern job market. But Felix The Reaper has posted his application and nailed the interview. Congratulations, you daft undead lad, your first day at the Ministry of Death has…

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