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Fighting EX Layer

11 months ago

Fighting EX Layer takes a cheap swing at PC later this month

One more fighter steps into the ring this November 30th, and cheaper than expected - Arika's Fighting EX Layer, spun off from the oddball Street Fighter EX series. Starring the returning, colourful and non-Capcom-owned cast of Street Fighter EX (plus a guest appearance from King Of Fighters's Terry Bogard) it's a fast and twitchy arcade fighter, and a good one at that. Originally released on…

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1 year ago

Arika’s Fighting EX Layer is punching its way onto PC

Fighting EX Layer is making the dramatic leap from PS4 to PC to challenge Street Fighter once more. Lesser-known fighting devs Arika (creators of the underrated Street Fighter EX games) recently whipped up a bit of hype with this all-new game and its mostly-fresh cast, plus the surprise return of several Street Fighter EX characters. In a little teaser video posted to their YouTube channel…

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