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8 months ago

Flower unexpectedly takes root on PC today

It's not quite Journey (yet), but you can do a lot worse for chill-out gaming than Flower, thatgamecompany's first big artsy hit. Originally exclusive to the Playstation 3 many moons ago, it's out now on PC, and available on most of the big stores - yes, even Epic's. Players steer a tumbling swirl of flower petals around an obstacle course of hills, wind turbines and…

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6 years ago

Smithsonian Adds Games To Its American Art Collection

The Smithsonian are inducting two games into the American Art's Collection, recognising videogames as "crucial to our understanding of the American story." They've even gone so far as to select two interesting games for the collection: Flower by thatgamecompany and Halo 2600 by Ed Fries. The latter is a de-make of Halo built and released for the Atari 2600 in 2010, though there's a Flash…

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