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Formula Fusion

13 hours ago

Wipeout-inspired Pacer is out now with combative car racing

If you're in the mood for futuristic cars that shoot at one another you might like—no, it's not Mario Kart and it's not Wipeout either, though it's definitely inspired by the latter. The name's Pacer and it's a futuristic racer where your fancy anti-gravity vehicles zoom around tracks while also shooting one another with guns and such.

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3 months ago

Pacer, previously Formula Fusion, returns to Steam next month

That wasn't a terrible first lap, Formula Fusion, but it could've gone better. So, off you pop into the pit lane for a fresh coat of paint, a rebranding, and we'll take another shot at this whole release thing. Going by the much snappier Pacer moniker, R8 Games reckon their tuned-up sci-fi racer is finally ready to leave the garage, bringing it back to Steam…

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3 years ago

Wipeout-inspired racer Formula Fusion released

Wipeout-inspired hovercars raced out today with the full launch of Formula Fusion [official site]. It's anti-gravity fight-o-racing game with swish cars whipping around futurecities and blasting each other, with both a singleplayer campaign and ten-player online multiplayer. Formula Fusion hit Kickstarter in early 2015, smashed into early access in August 2015, and now is finally out in full. Watch these hovercars go fast:

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6 years ago

Wipeout In All But Name: Formula Fusion Kickstarter

Update: corrected an inaccuracy about R8 Games' involvement with Wipeout.It's a sign of quite how much Kickstarter fatigue has set in that even folks who worked on a Wipeout game and now want to make a new own-brand Wipeout are needing to hedge their bets carefully. Formula Fusion [official site] developers R8 Games have launched their Kickstarter, and the initial goal is a very low…

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Total Wipeout: Formula Fusion

Formula Fusion is a new Wipeout game in all but name and the creators are former members of Wipeout's previous home. Wipeout was an important link between the past and the future of games. Not in terms of design, but in terms of its position in popular culture. Created at SCE Studio Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis of Lemmings fame, Wipeout was a flagship title for the…

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