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Fortnite Battle Royale

6 months ago

Fortnite is building to a monster v. mecha rumble this weekend

You take your eyes off Fortnite Battle Royale for one minute, and the kaiju kicks off. Also a kaiju gets added. And a big mech. The goliaths haven't actually done anything yet, but the timer floating in the sky suggests they're about to. As does the way we're nearing the end of season nine, and how season finales have historically not been kind to the…

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7 months ago

Fortnite Battle Royale unvaults old guns and modes for a fortnight in the sun

Epic Games are on holiday for the next two weeks, but before they left for some much-needed R&R (especially after all that crunch), they lined up a summer event for Fortnite Battle Royale. The 14 Days Of Summer event is live now and runs until the devs return on July 8th. Every day, they'll be 'unvaulting' a weapon or item removed from the game for…

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8 months ago

Fortnite stunts and grinds downhill in Nike Jordan event mode

The latest brand to advertise to children through Fortnite Battle Royale is Nike, slamming and jamming in a new event mode that sends players sliding and grinding through a downhill obstacle course. Grab coins, basketballs, and sneakers to score points, do fancy tricks using Impulse Bombs, hurl Boogie Bombs to screw with rival ravers... it's pretty fun, if pretty wonky for being smooshed into Fortnite.…

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9 months ago

Fortnite Battle Royale flattens Tilted Towers with massive volcano

Fortnite Battle Royale's map has been re-drawn once more, this time by a volcanic eruption during a live event on Saturday. While the damage was widespread, the urban Tilted Towers & Retail Row areas caught the brunt of it, the former little more than a smoking crater now. The event also took players to an otherworldly vault filled with crystals containing weapons removed from the game.…

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Avengers: Endgame smashes into Fortnite with new event

Mr. America, Robin Hood, Pistolera, Tinhead Ned, Norseman and the rest of the gang return to cinemas today in Avengers: Endgame, and the movie is smashing into Fortnite too. Epic Games today launched their 'Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame' crossover with a special event mode where goodies try to thwart Thanos and his superspacepals. Each side also gets to power up by scavenging for Avengers' weapons…

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Fortnite studio reportedly demands brutal crunch hours for updates

A major studio working its employees to the bone is a sadly common story, but today's revelation (via a Polygon report) that Fortnite Battle Royale's success lead to hundred-hour work-weeks is still frustrating. Caught off guard by the enormous success and demand for updates to the free-to-play shooter, the studio came to rely on staff working long overtime hours and weekends. They even allegedly fired…

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Fortnite World Cup punished over 1000 accounts in the first week alone

Epic have yoinked prizes from hundreds of Fortnite players in the first week of their World Cup open qualifiers, for reasons ranging from fraudulently entering in multiple regions to full-on cheating. They punished over one thousand players in all over the first week's competition, most of them temporary bans. That's a whole lot of cheaters for a single stage of a single competition, though in…

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Fortnite’s World Cup Creative challenges builders instead of shooters this summer

Fortnite Battle Royale is feeling more and more like a misnomer of late. Its most recent foray out of the genre is a competitive Creative World Cup, five trials based around specific challenges created by famous Fortniters, with a final running alongside the regular World Cup finals this July. Good news for those who are better at putting up walls than sniping through them.

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10 months ago

Beep beep! Respawn vans are pulling up in Fortnite

The next update for unimaginably popular mega-hit Fortnite Battle Royale will bring in the ability to revive your teammates at various spots where Reboot Vans have been parked. No longer will you have to go on alone after your friends are wiped out by someone in an eerily unblinking, scuffed up panda head. Here’s a man in a banana costume explaining how it all works.

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Fortnite heats up with The Floor Is Lava mode

If the recent months of Epic Games hot takes and flamewars hadn't given you at least an inkling that Epic are the gods of hellfire and they bring us fire, they're now flooding the world with lava. Fortnite Battle Royale today launched its new 'The Floor Is Lava' event mode, which is a bit like that childhood favourite game except the lava is real and…

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11 months ago

Fortnite rolls out human hamster balls

Delightfully daft new orb vehicles are now rolling around Fortnite Battle Royale, big hamster ball-looking rollies complete with a grappling gun to swing around. I honestly couldn't tell you if this new 'Baller' vehicle is good because I, and everyone else I saw in one, was too busy larking about to play seriously. Which is certainly enough for me. Today's update also changed the rarely-used…

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Yarr! Fortnite Season 8 erupts with lava and pirates

Pirates and their natural meme enemies, ninjas, have brought their decade-old cyberfight to Fortnite with the launch of Season 8. Epic have once again reshaped the landscape of their free-to-play battle royale 'em up, sprouting a volcano sicking up lava. What I'm most interested to see, however, is the pirate cannons now scattered around the map, which players can use to fire boooring cannon balls…

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Epic are teasing a pirate theme for Fortnite Battle Royale season 8

Arr, mateys! With season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale just a few days away, developers Epic Games are teasing a pirate theme. It makes sense – with the snow that’s been coating the island for the last few months presumably set to melt now that spring is almost here, there should be plenty of water around. Perfect for sailing and skulduggery.

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Fortnite big numbers: $100,000,000 in prizes & 7.6 million concurrent players

Big numbers, I've come to understand, are what people enjoy in video games more than anything. Friends, I have a small number of Fortnite Battle Royale big numbers to share with you. Epic today announced details of the Fortnite World Cup, which will take a bite out of the $100,000,000 (£77 million) they're putting up for prizes this year, including $1,000,000 (£770 thousand) each week…

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Fortnite living life to the max with new Driftboards

A hoverboard has flipped a sick 720 nollie reverso ted talk into Fortnite Battle Royale today with this week's update. An earthquake is seemingly rumbling into action ahead of Season 8's start next week, perhaps signalling another cataclysmic climate-changing event, but if the snow might soon melt let's right now live an xtreme life to the max. These natty technoplanks let players whizz around at…

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Epic sue organisers of rubbish Fortnite Live festival in Norwich

Photo: ITV News Anglia Adding legal injury to public insult, Epic Games are suing Exciting Events, organisers of a disastrous Fortnite-themed festival in Norwich. The utterly naff-looking event made for some amusing headlines over the weekend, with the BBC covering it here. Despite the Fortnite Live festival invoking the name and using character art from Epic's battle royale shooter, it was unsurprisingly unofficial. In a…

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Fortnite Battle Royale shaken up by earthquakes

I know Apex Legends has shaken up the scene, but it feels a little bit on-the-nose that Fortnite Battle Royale is literally cracking up under the pressure. Epic's all-consuming last man standing shooter is gearing up for another season, starting on February 28th, which means there's changes coming to its ever-shifting battlefield. Such change has previously been brought about by weird inter-dimensional antics and a…

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Fortnite dance lawsuit: Alfonso Ribeiro turned down for ‘Carlton dance’ copyright

While Fortnite Battle Royale throws concerts and prepares for [block id="635651" title="Fortnite Season 8"], the lawsuits against developers Epic Games that claim they copied various dance for their unlockable emotes rumble on. One of the litigants has suffered a setback though, as Alfonso Ribeiro was denied copyright for the famous 'Carlton dance'. It doesn’t scupper anything entirely, but it does seem to throw a wrench…

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12 months ago

Fortnite Battle Royale players can grab Season 8 battle pass for free

Fortnite Battle Royale players will be able to nab the season eight battle pass for free this month, by completing a set of challenges available from now until Wednesday, February 27th. The pass, which usually costs 950 V-Bucks or about £7.99/$9.99, will net players two outfits instantly, and the chance to earn five more throughout the season. What better way to spend your Valentine's Day…

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