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2 months ago

Geneshift’s top-down, two-minute Battle Royale is available now

Early access top-down shooter Geneshift is, to quote their own marketing materials, “hopping on the [Battle Royale] bandwagon” today, and you’ll be able to play the new mode for free. It’s got some twists that set it apart from your Fortnites and Plunkbats, too, like each round lasting only two minutes. You can get a feel for the action in the trailer below:

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2 years ago

Geneshift is a homage to GTA with mutant multiplayer

Before Grand Theft Auto became a slightly-overwhelming bizarro vision of the American Dream, it was a chaotic, meaningless romp from the top-down. Geneshift [official site] seems to want to recreate that chaos. But with up to 32 people and a big old skill tree. I don’t know if that’s a mad idea or a brilliant idea, but it’s definitely something. You can see it in…

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