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10 years ago


Wot I Think: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

This top-down arcade shooter came out earlier this week, and is available to buy for a relatively budget price on assorted download services now. Should you cross its stream, or aim for its flat-top? I don't even know what that means, but look at me, I'm saying lines from a film you've seen! That means you will love me. Guh. Here's my verdict on Sanctum…

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11 years ago


An Hour With… Ghostbusters

There's something strange in the PC neighbourhood of this johnny-come-lately movie adaptation, and it don't look good. The surely vital co-op mode the consoles enjoyed has been axed entirely from the PC port, and the European version delayed by nearly half a year. Yes, it's true. These men have no dicks. Nonetheless, I took a very quick look at the US version to get some…

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What’s Going On With Ghostbusters?

If you've been trying to keep up with the development and publishing of the Ghostbusters game, then you'll be understandably dizzy. Victim of the Hadron Collider's experiment to merge Activision and Blizzard (I think that's how it happened), thrown between publishers like a radioactive ball, eventually picked up to be part of the misadventures of Atari, and then at the last second swooped in on…

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12 years ago

Postin’ Trailers Makes Me Feel Good

Stay Puft, man[pullquote]It is fine to hear those characters again[/pullquote]Ghostbusters, as you may have heard, is back from the dead. It was an early casualty of the Actard merger, but has lately been rescued by Infogrames-in-disguise. Here's the new publisher's opening salvo - a partly pre-rendered trailer mostly showing off the original cast strutting their voice-stuff. It is fine to hear those characters again, though…

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I Hear It Likes The Ghostbusters Videos – Update

Update - As reader Schadenfreude points out, there's some turmoil in the world of the Ghostbusters game. Variety reports that Activision have opted out of publishing Sony's game (along with Brutal Legend). So it's without publisher at the moment, but Sony are looking for someone new. Don't expect to see the game before next year.GameTrailers have a three-part developer walkthrough of the forthcoming Ghostbusters game,…

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13 years ago

Ghostbusters Footage

Beep beep di beep --- Ghostbusters news as it happens --- beep di beep beepGameplay footage has appeared!(Gaming Today, we'd be as nothing without you. (Who'd in turn be as nothing without G4TV. (Not to mention Mike for alerting us.)))So there we go - it's so much more than an announcement - it's a game in development.(Sorry to make you sit through The Loop, and…

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Update - now with Stay-Puft screenshot!Duh na nuh na nuh nah.Splendid news, every citizen of the world. Blues News brings to our attention the news that there is to be a Ghostbusters game! A proper one, featuring the cast of the film.Game Informer's December issue is apparently to feature all the news, with a big ol' promo on their website.

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