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2 years ago

Gladiabots moves towards the singularity and out of early access

Future-robosport programming game Gladiabots launches today after a trip through early access. Developed by GFX47, it's a hands-off strategy game. You line up your squad of 4-8 killbots, painstakingly program their AI to fit the play-mode, wind them up and let them go. Intimidating as that sounds, it's accessible even for people who have never written a line of code, with a flowchart-based programming interface…

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Program deathbots to play sportsball in Gladiabots, out in early access now

If, like me, you're too rubbish at coding to get anywhere in Exapunks (won't stop me from trying though), but love the idea of programming a swarm of robot minions to do your bidding, then Gladiabots might be for you. Released into early access on Steam today, it's a game about using visual flowcharts to program the AI of a team of heavily armed robots.…

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Robo-programmer Gladiabots hits early access August 9

For all my trying, I have the coding ability of a turnip, but that hasn't stopped me trying every robo-programming game released thusfar. Gladiabots is the latest in this small but underappreciated genre of problem-solving strategy games, giving you a small squad of mechs, a battle/sports field and tasking you to program their brains through a visual, flowchart-like language so they can get the job…

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