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GOG Galaxy

1 month ago

GOG to re-launch Galaxy client as a universal gaming hub

Always ones to have their eye on new niches, GOG - once focused on the preservation and distribution of old DOS games - have just announced that their Galaxy launcher is getting an overhaul. Galaxy 2.0, as they're calling it, claims to keep track of your entire games library whether it's on Steam, Epic, GOG or even consoles, and act as a universal launcher for…

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2 years ago

GOG Galaxy adding cloud saves, for old games too

Cloud saves and built-in screenshotting -- two of my favourite Steam favourites -- are coming to GOG Galaxy, the optional client from the virtuous virtual vendor of video games. Never needing to hunt down and back up saves or install FRAPS (or whatever the heck kids use these days) is still such a wonderful convenience. These features and more will come to GOG Galaxy when…

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4 years ago

See The Galaxy: GOG’s Optional Client Sorta In Open Beta

People often ask me, "Alice oh Alice, when oh when will another I get to install another download client? I've got everything from GameTap to a mint condition copy of the very first version of Steam (preserved in a mylar directory, of course) but I want more." Good news, chum-o: GOG are about to open up the beta version of their Galaxy client to everyone.…

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