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Golden Axe

2 months ago

Sega releasing a cancelled Golden Axe prototype stirs unpleasant memories for some of its makers

Sega yesterday announced plans to celebrate their 60th birthday by giving away a number of small retro-y games, including a Streets Of Rage-style demake of Yakuza and the prototype of a cancelled Golden Axe reboot. That last one has turned out to be a big surprise for some of the people who worked on it, who do not have good things to say about their…

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5 years ago

Game-o! Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe Free On Steam

This Future Is Disappointing, Part #89: look at Jet Set Radio then look outside your window. Are a colourful cast of rollerbladers grinding down rails wound around your home and spraying neat tags? Of course not. But hey, at least all and sundry can now have a bash at JSR for free, as Sega have made it free for a little while on Steam. Also…

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