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Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype

1 month ago

Sega releasing a cancelled Golden Axe prototype stirs unpleasant memories for some of its makers

Sega yesterday announced plans to celebrate their 60th birthday by giving away a number of small retro-y games, including a Streets Of Rage-style demake of Yakuza and the prototype of a cancelled Golden Axe reboot. That last one has turned out to be a big surprise for some of the people who worked on it, who do not have good things to say about their…

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Sega giving away new retro-inspired games for their 60th birthday

Shh, nobody tell Sega that they've done their birthday backwards by giving away free stuff instead of accepting it. Sega are beginning celebrations for their 60th anniversary by giving away Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Nights Into Dreams free for keeps, as well as some new games inspired by retro classics. Streets Of Kamurocho, seriously? That's a perfectly executed combo.

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