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Gun Rounds

2 months ago

Feature: A two-tone masterpiece

Have you played… Gun Rounds?

I am so very impressed by everything that Gun Rounds does. Rarely have I come across a game that so skillfully marries such disparate ideas. Playing it feels like watching a balloon modeller as they twist and squeeze together two resolutely independent balloons. It's loud, it's captivating, and I have no idea how it's being done; and then at the end, the modeller is left…

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4 months ago

Gun Rounds’ turn-based shootouts are a hectic delight

You could throw a hell of a lotta buzzwords at Gun Rounds. It is, at once, an indie roguelike (roguelite) bullet-hell deck builder with permadeath mechanics and tactical blah blah blah. You get the picture. But in play, Blabberf's turn-based shooter brings all those disparate terms together with wonderfully tight gun puzzles, a potent mixture that easily squares up against its genre contemporaries.

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