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Haunted Garage

1 week ago

Haunted Garage is part-adventure game, part-musical instrument

Curious explore-o-adventure game Haunted Garage caught my eye and ear during today's Day Of The Devs showcase livestream. It has a striking presentation: your character moves around in a diddy box in a corner of the screen, then the rest is used for dioramas to poke at and an increasingly daft number of weird musical instruments and gadgets you can play. I'm not quite sure…

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6 months ago

Feature: Games to grow with

Priceless Play – 18 January 2020

My ten-year high school reunion was last year. I didn't go, obviously, because I am too cool and also I live something like 3,000 miles away from my old high school. I don't know about you, but I don't super love remembering who I was in high school. It's a truly terrifying time: the searing tension between becoming an independent being and desperately needing reassurance…

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