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3 years ago

No Man’s Sky: The PC Launch Goes… Well Wobbly

Update: We're hearing that NMS is running choppily across the board, massive framerate drops, staggering on machines way over spec for the game. One patch has already rolled out that has improved generically low framerates, but it seems the Steam reviews have one theme: juddery, jittery play. That's certainly been my experience so far, and suddenly a weekend of the bizarre motion sickness it's inducing…

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No Man’s Sky Limited Edition Boxes Have Sticker Covering “Online Play” Icon

Update 5:08pm: Sony just responded to our request for comment with a statement: "Incorrect descriptors were incorporated into the original No Man’s Sky limited edition packaging. This was a production issue and was rectified using placement stickers." Which doesn't answer anything. The first sentence simply states what we already knew, and "production issue" could mean anything. There's still no clarity over what online features No…

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Can No Man’s Sky Players See Each Other Or Not?

Update: It seems No Man's Sky Limited Edition boxes have a PEGI sticker on them which obscures a previously included 'Online play' icon. Two spacefarers met each other yesterday in the vast 18 quintillion-planet universe of No Man's Sky. Except they couldn’t see each other or interact in any meaningful way. They moved around, set off explosives and neither of them saw any effect of…

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No Man’s Sky Launch Trailer And Also Bill Bailey I Guess

I watched some livestreams of No Man's Sky yesterday and it looked like all my worst fears, as players on a muddy brown planet shot rocks with lasers to collect fuel, flew a few hundred meters in their ship, ran out of fuel again, shot more rocks with lasers... I hold out hope. I'm OK with periods of boredom and graft between moments of beauty…

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No Man’s Sky AMA Talks PC Release And FOV Options

No Man's Sky is out today in some territories for PlayStation 4, but us PC bods have to wait till Friday. There's probably contractual reasons for that, but Hello Games are apparently also "racing to get all the extra options and stuff" into the PC version. That's from a Reddit AMA that developer Sean Murray did late last night, which has information about PC release…

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All Those No Man’s Sky Trailers In One Place

Choo choooo! All aboard the Hype Express, next stop Trailersville. No Man’s Sky [official site] has been blowing its own fanfare for the past few days with a bunch of trailers giving sneak peeks of what you’ll actually be doing in space and on the surface of all those lovely-looking, potentially hazardous planets. If you haven’t had a chance to see them all yet, here…

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When Is No Man’s Sky Coming Out?

I'm loath to write another No Man's Sky [official site] release date story because those discussions have led to or fed into some particularly damaging and extreme responses. But I'm also part of a community which is curious to play the finished version (and part of the professional community who need to know timings for reviews) and see what the game is like. As such,…

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New No Man’s Sky Trailer Explores Trading

No Man's Sky [official site] is a big game set in a massive universe. As release approaches, we're learning about all of the things we can do in that universe, and they're all of the things we've been doing in big space games since Elite arrived in 1984. Exploring, fighting and trading. The latter is covered in the video below, which shows the actual swapsies…

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Dutch Company’s Questions To No Man’s Sky About ‘Superformula’ Used To Generate Planets

Upcoming exploration sim No Man's Sky [official site] could be using a "superformula" which already belongs to a company in the Netherlands to generate its alien worlds, according to a Dutch newspaper. While the claim is still being looked into, it comes as the developers enter the final stretch before its release on August 12th.

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Surface To Air Laser Fights: No Man’s Sky

When I first heard about No Man's Sky [official site], I wanted to jump straight into a spaceship and explore infinite procedural planets. I wanted to look at all of the creatures in their infinite variety and I wanted to spend an infinite amount of time doing...well, what exactly? Observing? Collecting? Discovering? No Man's Sky looked like a game in need of some verbs. What…

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Rumour: No Man’s Sky Delayed

"Psst. Psst!" Oh lord, here is again, Ian Video Games come to disturb your quiet afternoon pint. He shoots you a wink and sidles up. "No Man's Sky?" he asks, leaning in to tapping his nose conspiratorially. "NOT Man's Sky more like! Wait... NO Man's Sky more like! Wait. I mean... NONE Man's Sky? LATER Man's Sky! If you catch my drift." The latest juicy…

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No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Details And Taster Track

We don't often cover game music news on RPS, because there's always the terrifying risk that it opens the door to more people sending us press releases about their chiptune albums inspired by Zelda. But I'm flexing the informal rule today, partly because No Man's Sky remains so much of an unknown quantity even just two and half months from release, and partly because I…

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No Man’s Sky Blasting Off On June 21st, Priced At £40

When our Pip recently explored a corner of the procedurally-generated universe of No Man's Sky [official site], almost dying of cold then getting in trouble with the space-National Trust, developers Hello Games had a fifty-metre thing in the middle of the room. Covered with a shimmering velvet curtain and guarded by a 32-piece marching band, the cloaked object hummed, buzzed, roared, and occasionally released bees.…

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