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Hollow Knight: Silksong

1 month ago

Hollow Knight: Silksong reveals a fourth and final new character

Over the past few weeks, the developers of the excellent metroidvania Hollow Knight have been revealing new characters that players will meet in the upcoming sequel, Silksong. To uncover these NPCs, fans have had to answer riddles, and so far, we've seen the rather creepy Huntress and the sneak-thief Grindle. Last night, however, a new challenger approached. Meet Seth, an ancient guardian of a place…

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2 months ago

Fans uncover another Hollow Knight: Silksong character in Team Cherry’s riddle

Bug-based metroidvania game Hollow Knight has had a sequel in the works for a while but details have been light on the ground for the past year. Now, Hollow Knight: Silksong may finally be emerging from its cocoon. Last week, players solved a few riddles to unveil a new NPC. Now they've done it again and Team Cherry have rewarded them with yet another new friend.

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Hollow Knight: Silksong has revealed a new NPC and I’m bursting with excitement all over again

A small hint, a tiny crumb, a mere morsel of news is all I've wanted of Hollow Knight: Silksong since it was announced last year, and today I got it. Thanks to some clever fans over on the official Hollow Knight Discord server, Team Cherry have revealed an NPC that we'll meet in the sequel to the brilliant bug-filled metroidvania. All they had to do…

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1 year ago