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2 years ago

Microsoft employees speak out against the US military’s HoloLens contract

Microsoft’s HoloLens was once touted as a toy. Shown off at E3, it was an augmented reality headset that superimposed video game graphics onto the real world. A happy duo created a snowy Minecraft village right on their staged coffee table, manipulating the hologram with a few deft touches and well-placed words. Now, though, some Microsoft developers are speaking out about a contract that will…

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5 years ago

$3,000 HoloLens Development Edition Due In March

While virtual reality will soon be in the hands and eyes of folks at home - pre-orders just opened for the HTC Vive, to ship in April, and the Oculus Rift launches at the end of this month - augmented reality goggles are a bit further out. While VR replaces your vision with a computer-generated world, AR is more of an overlay, making computer graphics…

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6 years ago

Tabletop Gaming: HoloLens Meets Minecraft

Microsoft wowed me with an impressive display of their HoloLens augmented virtual reality visor yesterday. Jury's out on whether it was real magic or just an illusion, but the hardware's integration with Minecraft looks like the stuff of sci-fi. Minecraft worlds appear on your tabletop with full gesture and voice commands allowing you to navigate and interact in realtime.

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Microsoft Announce HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset

Microsoft have announced the HoloLens, an augmented reality headset for games and general computing. Which is maybe not what we were expecting when we were invited to Redmond to hear about the company's future gaming plans this evening. While our correspondent is trying the thing on as I type, you can whet your appetite for impressions with the video Microsoft used to introduce the device.…

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