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Hot Lava

1 year ago

Fiery floor-hopper Hot Lava erupts out of open beta

Tidy up the furniture, pick the throw pillows back up. Hot Lava has left open beta, letting you relive a misspent youth without getting mud all over gran's nice sofa. What's next, then? That's the-floor-is-lava covered, and prop hunt's been filling the hide 'n' seek niche for years. Hit me, games industry. When will you gamify the rest of our childhood? Triple-A tunnel tig, anyone?

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Klei’s Hot Lava turns the living room into a deathzone next week

After a year in open beta, Klei Entertainment's the-floor-is-on-fire first-person platformer Hot Lava is getting its official release on Steam. Starting next week, you'll get your chance to relive those salad days of childhood when life's biggest worry was whether or not you could make the nine-foot horizontal leap to your grandma's 1970s chesterfield without touching the ground. Ah, simpler times. These days any time…

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2 years ago

First-person platformer Hot Lava launches – bring a pal

It's a risky gambit to launch an offbeat little game in the middle of the E3 hype-storm, but Klei Entertainment just love danger if Hot Lava is any indication. It's a first-person platformer starring a cast of highly meltable plastic action figures, navigating a human-scale world where every child's playtime nightmare has come to pass: the floor is lava. Today, it launches (as an open…

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4 years ago

The Floor Is Deadly: Hot Lava

Everyone here has played the game where you jump from one piece of furniture to another because the floor has inexplicably become deadly, right? In the version I played growing up, couch cushions could be thrown across the room to make stepping stones, and there would usually be an argument as to whether standing on a pair of slippers that had been left lying on…

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