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I Am Setsuna

2 years ago

Feature: I am Satsuma

Have You Played… I Am Setsuna?

I am not Setsuna. I am also not a satsuma, but man alive wouldn't it be a better game if I was? Just imagine. A JRPG where one of the main characters was a round little orange, bopping along on their great pilgrimage across the land without a care in the world? I want to play that game. Unfortunately, we're stuck with I Am Setsuna,…

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3 years ago

Feature: What's it all about?

Spawn Point: The best JRPGs for total beginners

Welcome back to Spawn Point, where we take an element from the world of gaming and explain what it is, why it's worth your time and how you can dip your toes in and get involved. Last time, Brendan gave you a 101 course in Final Fantasy XII, a JRPG that recently got spruced up for PC twelve years after its original launch on PlayStation…

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Feature: Sphear of influences

Lost Sphear review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a ragtag group of orphans wake up one day and decide to slay some monsters, as all small-town gangs are wont to do. This is the opening of Lost Sphear. After bonking some bunny-mutants to death in a nearby field, they discover that their idyllic hometown has blinked out of existence, replaced by a gaping white void.…

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5 years ago

Feature: Hands on with Square's throwback RPG

I Am Setsuna Has A Few Twists On The JRPG Formula

Due on English-speaking shores this summer, Tokyo RPG Factory's I Am Setsuna is a charming throwback experience with one of the bleakest storylines I've come across. It takes place in a kingdom beset by monsters - if that's really the right word for the excitable penguins and shellfish you'll battle early on - who must be periodically appeased with a human sacrifice. The titular Setsuna…

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