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If Found...

6 months ago

Dicey Dungeons can now be played in Irish, with a gamepad

Localisation is a tough task, even when not considering languages English has tried its hardest to stamp out over the centuries. But today's 1.8 update for Dicey Dungeons brings developer Terry Cavanagh's dice-roller a little closer to home by adding full Irish language support, alongside proper gamepad controls, balance overhauls and two new baddies who've been waiting on the sidelines since launch.

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7 months ago

If Found… is out now, letting you erase your diary at the end of the world

I've not yet played If Found... but several folks on my Twitter timeline seem to be digging in and I usually take that as a positive sign. It's an interactive story game that says it's about "going home, coming out, and erasing everything" when a girl named Kasio returns home to Ireland in 1993.

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1 year ago

Destroy a journal, defend the world in upcoming If Found…

There’s not much more that feels better than tearing up a completed to-do list at the end of the day, which is why I’ve never moved to keeping track of my tasks electronically. Destroying a diary, as you’ll be doing in If Found… might be a less appealing process, depending what’s kept inside. But the fact that doing so may just stop a black hole…

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