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2 years ago

Induction is a time-travel puzzle game that’s out now

What’s your favourite thing about spacetime? Mine is... that it goes... wobbly. Excuse me, the weirdest feeling just came over me. Never mind. Induction [official site], a new time-travel puzzle game from Bryan Gale is out today, which “aims to rewire how you think about cause and effect.” I won’t pretend to understand what’s happening in the cube and colour-filled video below, but it might…

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Paradoxical puzzler Induction pegged for February 7

I just spent the last few minutes trying to work out how you play Induction [official site] - "an abstract puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes" - by watching the trailer. It's very elegant-looking and I got as far as feeling like maybe there was an element of P.B Winterbottom in terms of time faffery but I eventually had to give up and started…

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