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Iron Crypticle

2 years ago

Feature: Best of the rest

Unknown Pleasures: new Steam releases you might have missed

Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly selection of the best new releases on Steam that you (probably) haven't heard about before. This week: timelords, broken America, fat suits, Gauntlet vs Smash TV and cyberdog cowboys.

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Tikipod’s twin-stick shooter Iron Crypticle out next week

There's a new 8-bit twin-stick shooter coming out on PC next week called Iron Crypticle [official site]. Why should you care? Well two reasons: first, the trailer shows suitably frantic action and some funky, eerie music that puts me in mind of Castlevania's tunes. And secondly, because it's from Tikipod, who have already put out two solid arcade games. They made both Aqua Kitty - Milk…

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