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Iron Danger

7 days ago

Win fights by turning back time in RPG Iron Danger

If you're fed up of typical dungeon drubbing, Iron Danger is worth a look. It's an RPG with real-time-tactics combat, a la Shadow Tactics, except you're more likely to throw a fireball at a goblin than stealthstab a samurai. That's interesting enough, but the real twist is your ability to turn back time. It's an RPG where you can never die, and it's out right…

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2 years ago

Iron Danger puts a time-bending spin on RPG tactics

After a whole new generation of Infinity Engine-inspired RPGs (ala Pillars of Eternity), we're familiar enough with the concept of real-time-with-pause combat, but upcoming tactical RPG Iron Danger looks to go one step further... or back, depending on how you look at it. How does the option to roll back time and undo all your mistakes sound? Welcome to Savescumming: The Game.

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