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Kind Words

2 weeks ago

Feature: Be kind

Have You Played… Kind Words?

On my first night playing Kind Words, I sent out a paper aeroplane telling the helpers not to stay up all night. Not to worry about the people who might need them while they’re asleep. We know this. We all know this. It doesn’t make it any easier.Kind Words might be the most important game ever made. It might also be the most timely.

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9 months ago

Kind Words lets you share caring messages with strangers

The chatrooms of lo fi hip hop YouTube radio channels are often very sweet spaces. People mingle, letting each other know what they’re up to as they listen to the ambient sounds: work, studying, relaxing. Everyone doing their own thing, but united by some chillhop beats and the virtual space of the chat window.It makes sense, then, that Kind Words draws attention to the fact…

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