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Legends Of Runeterra

3 days ago

Riot Tabletop is the League Of Legends developer’s new board game division

Riot Games have announced the opening of Riot Tabletop, a brand new tabletop division currently working on a brand new board game, Tellstones: King's Gambit. This isn't the developer's first foray into the world of tabletop gaming, but now they finally have a dedicated team to get to work on all things board games. "We’re gamers. That means more to us than just video games,"…

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4 days ago

Legends Of Runeterra’s open beta kicks off at the end of January

We're just two weeks away from getting our hands on Riot Games' shiny new League Of Legends CCG, Legends Of Runeterra, as it hits open beta on the 24th January. The beta marks the start of the very first ranked season, in which players will be able to climb from Iron to Master rank just like in League Of Legends. It'll also bring three new…

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1 month ago

Riot Games have pulled in other studios to make games in the LoL-iverse

The other day I realised how long I'd spent in the Dota-verse. It was during my 50th hour of Dota Underlords, after 100 hours of Artifact and nearly 4000 in Dota 2. There are characters I have spent years with, albeit while treating them more as clusters of abilities than personalities. I've seen that world from half a dozen different angles, over the years, between…

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2 months ago

Legends Of Runeterra’s second preview patch sets off on an Expedition today

Did you miss it? Legends Of Runeterra, a League Of Legends CCG spin-off, debuted last month by briefly opening up access to a lucky few. Runeterra won't start its proper closed beta in earnest until early 2020, but you've got one more chance to try your hand before Riot's card-shuffler enters hibernation. Runeterra's next preview patch kicks off today at 4 pm UK time, introducing…

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3 months ago

Feature: More poros please

Legends Of Runeterra already has a meta after its first preview patch

Riot’s freshly announced card game Legends Of Runeterra just finished its first testing period. Though I had some hands on with it at a preview event, it wasn’t an especially natural setting, with all the cards unlocked and a narrow pool of opponents, so I came back to investigate the Preview Patch event to see how well it stands up in its first tentative steps…

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Feature: A spicy combination

Legends of Runeterra – best decks in the current meta

When it comes to winning games of Legends of Runeterra, having the best decks means that you have the best chance. They're only one piece of the puzzle, after all, card games are also an exercise in good timing and mind games. There are some frankly ridiculous decks in the game so far, so while you work on refining how to play the game, here…

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Legends of Runeterra guide – how to get into the beta

You may have read our preview on Legends of Runeterra or seen your favourite streamer play the game. So naturally you are now curious and want to learn how you can play Riot's new collectable card game (CCG). We've got the steps you need to take to register your interest, and for when you do manage to get into one of the beta sessions, then this…

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Legends of Runeterra regions – what each region is

In order to ensure there's some kind of structure in the decks that you build, Legends of Runeterra lists them into different "regions". Think of regions like the colours in Magic the Gathering, or similar ways to categorise decks in other collectable card games. We'll be going over all six different regions in the game, giving an overview of the play styles each one uses.

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Legends of Runeterra champions – cards stats and abilities explained

With any League of Legends game, there are champions, and Legend of Runeterra is no exception. Champions are the strongest units in every deck and the ones you'll be forming your deck around. There are four champions for each of the six different regions and we'll be listing exactly what every single champion card does.

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How to play Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra takes a lot of inspiration from other collectable card games, putting a League of Legends spin on the game's theme. But the biggest departure for many will be how turns are structured. We will teach you how to play Legends of Runeterra, as well as explain the keywords and terminology that the game throws at you.

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Feature: A whole new way to fall in love with Teemo

Legends Of Runeterra is a CCG shuffling up some of League Of Legends’ familiar faces

League Of Legends developer Riot Games are making a collectable card game called Legends Of Runeterra. I got to speak to some of the developers and do some shuffling myself at their Dublin offices a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve got the scoop: Yes, there are poro cards, yes, you can build a deck to synergise with them, and yes, the board features a…

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