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Legends Of Runeterra

Runeterra best decks

How to import deck codes

Runeterra patch notes

Updates, get your updates here!

Runeterra vault: how to get XP quickly

Region rewards explained

2 weeks ago

Feature: How to import deck codes

Runeterra best decks

It's been a while since there's been a big change in which are the best Legends of Runeterra decks. Shadow Isles and Ionia have long dominated the scene, but the rise of Demacia and Noxus strategies, either out of boredom or just players discovering how good they can be, means that there are some new best decks to make.

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1 month ago

Feature: Updates, get your updates here!

Runeterra patch notes

With recent Runeterra patch notes making some much needed changes, the newest patch (0.9.1) is more here to fix bugs and introduce some new guardians and boards. Detain also now works as it should against champions. In order to keep up with all the changes that will be made to the game, I will be looking over the changes that are being made when every…

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Feature: Region rewards explained

Runeterra vault: how to get XP quickly

Your card selection in Legends of Runeterra might be somewhat limited to start off with. In order to get more cards, you'll either need to buy stuff from the store, or gain as much XP as possible. There are both weekly vaults and reward tracks that contain a bunch of free cards that you can use to build decks.

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2 months ago

Feature: All the cards!

Runeterra cards list: every card in the open beta

Legends of Runeterra is a card game and that means there's a lot of cards that are all sorted into different groups. Here they're called "regions", which are like the colours in Magic the Gathering, or similar ways to categorise decks in other collectable card games. There are a ton of cards for each region, so we've put together a full list of cards that…

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Runeterra champions: stats and abilities

Legends of Runeterra has been in open beta for a while and has its fair share of unique features. Perhaps the most unique is how it implements the signature League of Legends champions. They are the strongest units in every deck and the ones you'll be mostly forming your deck around. Each one of the six different regions, or colour combinations, that you can build…

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Feature: Rewards for participating in beta season

Runeterra ranked mode: how it works

Do games like Legends of Runeterra get your competitive urge riled up? If so, ranked mode is a place where good players with decent decks can thrive in competitive matches against other people. You'll even get some nice bonuses for participating in the current beta season, but you may even end up with some nifty rewards based on your progress.

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Feature: A new face

Runeterra player icons: how to change them

You may have noticed during your games of Legends of Runeterra that some players have different icons next to their name. There's plenty to choose from, but we all know deep down the only three correct choices are a ghost shark, a Poro with a mallet, and a cat in a goddamn robot suit. There is good news, in that all these player icons are…

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Feature: A change of scenery

Runeterra boards: how to equip them

Are you bored of the main Legends of Runeterra board? Do you want a change of scenery? Perhaps a lab or an arena would be more appealing places to play. I have some bad news. In order to play in a different place to the Summoners Rift, you have to spend real money. The least we can do is show you how to equip them.

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Feature: You can pet the Poro

Runeterra guardians: how to equip them

So you really like Legends of Runeterra, to the point where you want to purchase a new guardian. Guardians are the little avatars to the lower left of every match. You can click on them multiple times and they do things. Poro likes to blow raspberries, yawn, and scratch itself. But what if you fancy a change to a ghost shark? The bad news is…

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Feature: Mastering the basics

How to play Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra takes a lot of inspiration from other collectable card games, putting a League of Legends spin on the game's theme. But the biggest departure for many will be how turns are structured. We will teach you how to play Legends of Runeterra, as well as explain the less obvious things about the game.

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Feature: Become the legend

Legends of Runeterra guide: beta end date, tips and tricks for beginners

Wading into the collectible card game scene with a large amount of swagger, it seems that Legends of Runeterra has gotten a lot of people talking. Runeterra offers something for everyone, whether that is the competitive nature of building constructed decks or the unique drafting experience that is Expeditions. There's a lot of things to learn about the game, even if you're a Magic the…

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Feature: How to stack cards

How Legends of Runeterra’s rounds work

Rounds in Legends of Runeterra are perhaps the most complicated thing to get your head around. It relies on understanding the logic behind how spells resolve, when you can play certain cards, and actions that can take place during combat phases. A lot of how Runeterra works is dependent on understanding a concept Magic players would be familiar with. Let us guide you through how…

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Feature: Keyword interactions explained

Legends of Runeterra keywords

Legends of Runeterra has a lot of skills and abilities hidden on each of their cards using keywords. They range from being able to prevent damage to a unit, to ensuring an enemy can't block your attackers. With so many keywords though, there are some interactions that are not obvious to those who haven't played much of the game, with the consequence being that you…

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Feature: A spicy combination

Legends of Runeterra Expeditions – best cards to draft

Drafting modes have been a very popular way to play collectible card games, and Legends of Runeterra has its own spin on the mode. It's called "Expeditions" and it works slightly differently from your conventional draft. For one, it takes about twice as long to finish as you get two tries before the game ends. We'll be going over how to play expeditions, and which…

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Feature: Phantom Prankser is the key

Legends of Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial guide – how to complete Spirits High and Low

You've probably come across the tutorials in Legends of Runeterra and are completing them at a decent pace. However, the Spirits High And Low Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial might have given you a bit of a hassle. This is down to the rather specific way you need to complete it. Be confused no more, as I will walk you through this bothersome tutorial and explain how it…

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