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Legends of Runeterra

6 months ago

Spirit Blossom event spans League Of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Runeterra

Riot Games today kick off a new cross-game event starts today in League Of Legends and its two gamebabies, Teamfight Tactics and Legends Of Runeterra. Spirit Blossom is its name, and apparently it's inspired by "anime". Y'know, just anime, broadly anime. The event will bring new themed skins and cosmetic bits for all three games, as well as a new character and the return of…

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7 months ago

Runeterra’s new Gauntlets might, just might, get me playing again

Runeterra's a weird one. The card game itself is solid yet unexciting (at least once you've played it for a dozen hours), but for me (and unusually for me) that's made up for by charming presentation. More thoughts like that can be found in my Legends Of Runeterra review, but my less outdated thoughts are: yeah, I got bored. I just had a quick go…

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Riot Games suspended an executive over his “abhorrent” Facebook post about George Floyd [update: he’s gone]

Mere days after Riot Games publicly declared a commitment to combating racism and injustice, they've needed to launch an investigation into one of their own executives for posting some real iffy garbage about the police killing of George Floyd on Facebook. It's not the best look for a company still trying to recover from revelations of a rotten workplace culture of discrimination and harrassment. The…

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8 months ago

Watch a Runeterra concept artist draw a new character on Friday 29th

At 6pm on the 29th of May (10am Pacific), Runeterra principal concept artist Chris Campbell will draw up a new character for Riot's card 'em up. It's for an "interactive global livestream", where you'll get the first peek at the newness and get to chat to him about how art works. It sounds nice, which is good because it seems like Riot are looking to…

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Runeterra’s 1.1 patch blasts many more bugs

Like a baby hermit crab scuttling towards its first big new shell, Legends Of Runeterra left early access two weeks ago. At 5:30pm today (9:30am Pacific), Riot's card 'em up will climb into an even better one with patch 1.1. The new patch won't change much, apart from splatting a whole bunch of bugs still crawling over the new cards. Or around the old new…

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9 months ago

Runeterra has fixed a bunch of broken cards

If your favourite wizard just wasn't quite zapping right in Legends Of Runeterra, that might be because they were one of four broken cards. Rejoice, for the wizards now work: Sejauani, Lee Sin, Vi and Twisted Fate have all been patched up.Riot have also taken the time to explain their approach towards bug fixing, which I find succinct and agreeable. It would have been even…

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Runeterra is out of beta, and the new cards make it worth playing again

Me and Legends Of Runeterra had been drifting away from each other, like lovers on flotsam tugged apart by cruel ocean currents. We'd ran out of surprises. The spark, as far as there was one, had gone. But now Riot have released Runeterra for realises, and the 120 new cards included in patch 1.0 have spiced things right up. It's free-to-play, and now is a…

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Take a look at the aggressive pirates of Runeterra’s Bilgewater expansion

Watch out. Pirates about. Legends Of Runeterra's first expansion comes out this Thursday, packing a new faction, 120 new cards, 11 new champions, and a couple of cosmetic mascots I actually care about for once. Thursday is also when the game sails out of open beta, launching for realises with patch 1.0. It's coming out for mobile phones on Thursday, too.Developers Riot Games have already…

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10 months ago

Legends of Runeterra leaves open beta at the end of April

League of Legends spin-off CCG Legends of Runeterra is just about ready to play its hand. After kicking off its open beta in January and testing its deck for the last three months, Riot are ready to play for keeps - bringing crate of new cards, a new region and a new competitive season to Runeterra when the MOBA-inspired card game launches proper on April…

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Runeterra’s upcoming update will give you more free cards

When Runeterra launched in January, it was already more generous than many other multiplayer card games. You could unlock plenty of cards by playing, and even make sure you unlocked cards from your choice of faction - so I'm surprised to see developers Riot are going to start handing out even more.Once the March 31st update to lands, your Weekly Vault will contain more goodies,…

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1 year ago

Riot Tabletop is the League Of Legends developer’s new board game division

Riot Games have announced the opening of Riot Tabletop, a brand new tabletop division currently working on a brand new board game, Tellstones: King's Gambit. This isn't the developer's first foray into the world of tabletop gaming, but now they finally have a dedicated team to get to work on all things board games."We’re gamers. That means more to us than just video games," Riot…

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Legends Of Runeterra’s open beta kicks off at the end of January

We're just two weeks away from getting our hands on Riot Games' shiny new League Of Legends CCG, Legends Of Runeterra, as it hits open beta on the 24th January. The beta marks the start of the very first ranked season, in which players will be able to climb from Iron to Master rank just like in League Of Legends. It'll also bring three new…

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Riot Games have pulled in other studios to make games in the LoL-iverse

The other day I realised how long I'd spent in the Dota-verse. It was during my 50th hour of Dota Underlords, after 100 hours of Artifact and nearly 4000 in Dota 2. There are characters I have spent years with, albeit while treating them more as clusters of abilities than personalities. I've seen that world from half a dozen different angles, over the years, between…

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Legends Of Runeterra’s second preview patch sets off on an Expedition today

Did you miss it? Legends Of Runeterra, a League Of Legends CCG spin-off, debuted last month by briefly opening up access to a lucky few. Runeterra won't start its proper closed beta in earnest until early 2020, but you've got one more chance to try your hand before Riot's card-shuffler enters hibernation. Runeterra's next preview patch kicks off today at 4 pm UK time, introducing…

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