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Little Devil Inside

6 months ago

Little Devil Inside devs apologise for “racist” character designs, promise to change them

At Sony's PS5 showcase last week, we got another look at Little Devil Inside, an upcoming action-adventure RPG about a little dude investigating monsters for his eccentric boss. Unfortunately, a couple of scenes in its reveal trailer showed some characters that the creators have acknowledged look like "racist stereotypes". Some viewers were quick to call out the devs at Neostream on it though, and now…

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Feature: Better the little devil you know, eh?

What is Little Devil Inside and why do you already love it?

At this year's not-E3 Sony PlayStation Stream Not For Smelly PC Nerds they accidentally let some PC games slip into the line up (presumably they were all wearing fake moustaches and trench-coats with 'DEFINITELY A SONY EXCLUSIVE' embroidered on the back). One of these was a game called Little Devil Inside, and all of us who stayed up to watch were immediately drawn to its…

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6 years ago