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Mechwarrior Online

8 years ago

Caustically Optimistic: MechWarrior Beats You With Heat

It's uncharacteristically warm in San Francisco today, so I think I - more so than just about anyone in the world - am best equipped to identify with giant robots. Specifically, MechWarrior Online's menagerie of metallic monoliths who've taken to duking it out on the newly revealed Caustic Valley map. It is, in case you hadn't guessed, very, very warm. Mechs, meanwhile, tend to naturally…

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MechWarrior Online Wants You To Meet The Centurion

In case you were worried, MechWarrior Online does, in fact, have giant robots after all. I know, I know: I didn't believe it either. Now, though, there's honest-to-Godzilla-sized-robo-behemoth proof in the form of a fully automated video reel. Will wonders never cease? It introduces the well-rounded, generally reliable Centurion and details two specialized variants: one that's best from a distance and another that loves nothing…

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