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Mega Man Maker

2 years ago

Fan-sandbox Mega Man Maker adds old friends & foes

We've covered Mega Man Maker a couple times before, but it's worth a renewed mention now on account of the multitude of updates it's received since launch, with its largest - Version 1.3 - being major enough to be worth a shiny new trailer. Plus, it's something fun and free to leave you lot with over the weekend. If you've never played before, then you're in for a…

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Mega Man Maker rebrands, upgrades and expands

Ever play around with Mario Maker on the Wii U? Nintendo's accessible level design sandbox? You're in for a treat today, as Mega Man Maker is almost exactly that, but for Mega Man, complete with tutorials, example levels and full online sharing/rating functionality. Even better: It's fan-made and completely free. Originally released as Mega Maker in July, the game has rebranded as Mega Man Maker accompanying…

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