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Mega Man X Legacy Collection

2 years ago

Mega Man 11 zaps, bounds and powers up on PC today

You wait literally decades for a decent Mega Man PC port - now the new and shiny Mega Man 11 is out, capping off a nineteen game streak of platform shooters featuring Capcom's iconic Blue Bomber, assuming you're counting the Legacy Collections. The first main-line Mega Man game since 2010, this one offers familiar platforming with a modern cel-shaded 3D look and some new options to ease players…

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Capcom’s 8-game Mega Man X Legacy Collection is out now

For the first time, Capcom's entire Mega Man X series of platform shooters is available on PC. 'X' may live in a slightly darker world than his smaller, cuter predecessor Mega Man, but these are still games about a heroic blue robot running around, collecting new weaponry and equipment and shooting stuff with energy bolts that look like lemons. General save-the-world stuff, time and time…

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3 years ago

Mega Man X Legacy Collections axe Axel (and the rest of Guns N’ Roses)

Nineties platformer icons are a recurring theme this summer. While the return of Crash Bandicoot doesn't exactly set my heart ablaze, I am entirely down with the entire 8-game Mega Man X series coming to PC, bringing us generations worth of grim anime platform robo-murder all in one place.The two compilations now have a Steam store page and a price-tag to accompany earlier news of some…

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Mega Man 11 and the Mega Man X Collection are coming to PC in 2018

Every iteration of Mega Man passed me by until I got myself a SNES Classic Mini yesterday and properly played Mega Man X for the first time. It’s quite good, so I now find myself craving more. Good news, then! All eight games in the Mega Man X series are coming to PC next year. They’ll be joined by a brand new game: Mega Man…

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