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Mercenary Kings

2 years ago

Platform shooter Mercenary Kings calls in free reinforcements next month

Even if you don't own one of Nintendo's new hybrid handheld/home consoles, the Switch's very existence has given a few studios a solid excuse to go back and revisit their earlier titles, polishing them up for a re-release on the new platform. While not all of these trickle back to the PC (I'm looking at you, Cave Story... longingly), sometimes we get the benefit of…

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7 years ago

Trombone Gun Shooty Blues: Mercenary Kings

Once upon a time, Tribute developed Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game, and it never came to PC and everyone got sad and died. It's a fairly dismal tale, but a true one. Now, however, our fortunes have flipped, as Tribute's next game - the marvelous looking, equally throwback-y Mercenary Kings - is only coming to PC. At least, for now. It's a co-op-friendly megaton…

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