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Metrico+ review

Off the rails


3 years ago

Feature: Off the rails

Metrico+ review

Originally released on Playstation Vita in 2014, the recently released infographic-themed puzzle platformer Metrico+ [official site] is a port with extra content for PC and consoles. Does it survive the transition from weeny-screened handheld to big-screened behemoth? Here’s wot I think:

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4 years ago

See Metrico+’s Infographic Worlds In New Trailer

Infographic puzzle-platformer Metrico+ [official site] is nearing its release date (I am excited about this because stats nerd x sucker for a lovely art style = I am this game's target audience) and THUS! we have a trailer to gawp at/assess. It features a bunch of the new worlds which have been added since the original Metrico's Vita release. OBSERVE:

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5 years ago

Fun With Infographics: Metrico+ Coming To PC

Information Is Beautiful, declares the name of a fine blog focused on interesting and clever ways to visually represent information and data. It certainly can be. It's not looking half-bad in Metrico+ [official site], a puzzle-platformer coming our way following a debut on PlayStation Vita last year. Its look draws from the modern infographic aesthetic, and puzzles sorta involve manipulating data with your actions. It's…

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