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1 week ago

Feature: The Battle Royale of Battle Royales

Games like Fortnite – 8 best battle royale games you can play right now

Fortnite: Battle Royale is, so far, the pinnacle of the decade-old battle royale game genre. It's no understatement to say that we haven't seen a game enter the mainstream in this way since Minecraft - but it's not the only battle royale out there, and the genre has never before seen such quantity nor such quality. We'll go over a handful of our favourite battle…

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4 weeks ago

Feature: Iron Man, Herobrine, Einstein, Kratos, and many more

Minecraft skins list – 64 best Minecraft skins of the past 10 years (plus download links)

Minecraft skins have grown into quite the medium for artistic expression over the past 10 years. There's something very enticing about the challenge of trying to create a recognisable face in only 64 pixels - and it's pretty incredible to see some of the things that various Minecraft communities have created. Below we've collated 64 of the best Minecraft skins we've seen, with links to…

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1 month ago

Feature: You can probably learn a lot about me from these seed names

Minecraft seeds 1.14 – the best Minecraft 1.14 seeds we’ve discovered (plus Amidst screenshots)

Minecraft seeds, by default, are just long strings of numbers to use as a basis for the enormous procedural worlds that Mojang's janky masterpiece can create. But that's such a missed opportunity, don't you think? Why leave the game to give you some meaningless string of integers, when you could instead seed your world with something like "WeAreTheKnightsWhoSayNi", or "I love you 3000", or some…

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4 years ago

Feature: PC Gaming Together Since 1873

How To Play Games And Chat With The RPS Community

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has one of the friendliest and most active games communities online, but it's possible that you've never peeled back the mask of the frontpage to discover the forums, guilds and game groups that lie beyond. If you're intrigued and you'd like to join the forum, find people to play with, or chat with other RPS readers, read on for a guide to…

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