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Monster Hunter: World

5 months ago

Feature: One Off The List

The 8 coldest monsters in PC games

I have spent the winter holidays making a list, checking it twice, trying to find who is naughty on ice. But unlike the popular red-clad demon of the north, my list is reserved for terrors, demons and critters larger than 4 feet tall. I’m talking about cold monsters. They’re very chic this week. You see, while Nic has been battering majestic species of endangered giganto-moose…

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Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion is now out on PC too

A chill wind blows today, carrying the distinct scent of dinosaur dung. Monster Hunter: World has just launched its Iceborne expansion on PC, sending hunters to icy new lands to fight tough new monsters (and tougher versions of old monsters). We're arriving late as Iceborne hit consoles in September 2019, though here the PC delay means I'm getting a more authentic and holistic experience because…

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brachydios guide

Look, there are a lot of silly designs in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but I still think that this hench lad with a rockabilly mohawk takes the biscuit. Brachydios doesn't just wear that protruding thing on his bonce for show though, as secreted within is an explosive slime that it uses to coat its fists, before pummelling the ground like a toddler having a massive…

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Coral Pukei-Pukei guide

I always thought the Pukei-Pukei was a monster that didn't live up to its potential, but Monster Hunter World Iceborne's Coral Pukei-Pukei only served to highlight just how dangerous it could have been even further. Its tail can eject gallons of water in a jet stream. This makes the Coral Pukei-Pukei different enough to warrant needing its own strategies to defeat it.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Nightshade Paolumu guide

How do you make one of the more annoying large monsters from the main game more annoying in Monster Hunter World Iceborne? How about giving it a sleep inducing gas that it can waft around like a bad smell. It makes Paolumu's hard-hitting, but otherwise very avoidable attacks a lot more dangerous. But as long as you avoid the gas clouds, you should be fine.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Viper Tobi-Kadachi guide

The original Tobi-Kadachi was one of the first monsters you faced in Monster Hunter World, but Iceborne has the Viper Tobi-Kadachi. It differs from its purely lightning cousin in its more reptilian appearance. It can also inflict one of three different status ailments that can easily put you in a vulnerable position.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Banbaro guide

The first monster that Capcom showed us for Monster Hunter World Iceborne was the Banbaro - a stag-like wyvern that is generally quite peaceful. However, if you cross it, it will use its antlers to scoop up boulders and trees to charge at you relentlessly. Banbaro can therefore be a bit of a handful to hunt if you're going in unprepared.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus guide

Your first foray into the frozen wilds of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will pit you up against the Beotodus. Think of this ice fish as the more aggressive version of Jyuratodus, as it has some very powerful strikes that inflict the nasty Iceblight status ailment. If you're struggling to hunt Beotodus, or are a bit rusty to hunting monsters, this guide will get you up…

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide

Monster Hunter World's first big expansion takes hunters to the rather chilly land of Hoarfrost Reach. The new stuff isn't just limited to what you discover in the frozen tundra, as Iceborne includes new monsters to hunt in familiar and new locations, as well as new techniques and Master Rank equipment. There's a ton more besides this and we'll be going through as much as…

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide

Glavenus is yet another returning monster for Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and this one is rather unique. The main gimmick here is that Glavenus likes to use its massive tail like a cleaver, igniting it for extra power, and burning anything it touches. It also has a short temper and will frequently become enraged, making its attacks deadlier.

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Feature: Bestest Beasts

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review

First things first: you need to be Hunter Rank 16 to access Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which basically means you need to have beaten the base game’s final story boss before you pick it up. I know this is an incredibly dry way to start, but I asked myself what the first thing I’d hope to learn from an Iceborne review would be, and that…

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7 months ago

Feature: Dream Hearts

Steam Charts: Recycled Air Edition

There is nothing worse for a world-leading chartologist (PhD) like me than a Steam sale. All sense is lost, all decorum thrown to the wind, as the same few games come stamping all over everything like an uninvited six year old whose parents let him go to bed whenever he wants. And we're entering Sale Season, people. It's going to get stampy.

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Feature: GPUs and HDR explained

What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it?

HDR on PC hasn't improved much in 2019. Despite there being more HDR gaming monitors than ever before, the very best gaming monitors for HDR continue to be quite expensive compared to non-HDR monitors, and the situation around Windows 10 support for it is still a bit of a mess. However, provided you're willing to fight through all that, then the next step on your path to…

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Feature: You won't feel a thing

Steam Charts: Pulling Teeth Edition

The Schwarzschild radius of the Steam Charts continues to shrink as the effects of the Universal Collapse take greater impact on our daily lives.Read on if you want to know how to protect your family from complete atomic devastation.

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Feature: Do you want to build a Snowdrake?

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – PC release date confirmed, free update monsters

We now know when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be coming to PC and I'll be honest, it's a little earlier than I was expecting it to be. A post-holiday treat if you will, to tie us over until more big releases grace our screens. Here's everything you need to know about Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PC.

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Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne hits PC on January 9th

Pack your thermals: Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion now has a PC release date of January 9th, 2020. While console Monster Hunters got Iceborne at the tail end of summer in September, when the frozen land of Hoarfrost Reach might have offered welcome respite from the searing sun, it'll be proper cold all-round for us. Ice in the outside world, ice in your recreation. I'm…

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8 months ago

Feature: Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Steam Charts: All This Happened Edition

What’s Another Thing You Could Buy Instead Of GTA V Again?A Jurassic Park VHS tape lamp

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