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Monster Train

5 months ago

Feature: A baker's dozen (plus two)

Our 15 favourite PC games of 2020 so far

Halloo, gentle reader. Since we're half way through the entire year of 2020 (yet somehow it is also still March?), we decided to run down, lasso and tie up some of our favourite games from the last six months, and force them into a nice list for you. 2020 still has plenty of new PC games to come, of course, but these are the ones…

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Feature: Why candles and demons are best friends

Every roguelike can learn from Monster Train’s clan combos

I am still very much riding the Monster Train. When you write a review as positive as the one I did for Shiny Shoe’s stupendous Slay The Spire-like, you do end up doubting yourself. Oh God, you think, what if it isn’t all that great, actually? What if this was one of those times where a game really specifically catered to my preferences, and my…

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6 months ago

Feature: Train in vain

How upgrading cards fuels Monster Train’s wild ride

Monster Train is a game about chuffing through the hills and vales of Hell while mincing up angels with your demonic fiends, angry plants and waxen gentry folk. As Matt has declared, it’s extremely good, and one of the things that I love about it is the way it escalates. That train ride you’re on is a wild, careening one into multiplying attack and defence.The…

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