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Moons of Madness

11 months ago

1 year ago

Watch twelve minutes of Moons Of Madness spacey spookytimes

In space, no one can hear you scream "Oh, come on, that flashlight is utter rubbish." Thankfully I said that on Earth, in response to Rock Pocket Games's slab of new Moons Of Madness footage. It's a decent looking slice of sci-fi horror - a blend of Martian isolation and Lovecraft-inspired weirdness - but I really cannot let that flashlight go. You can buy better…

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Moons Of Madness will haunt this Halloween

The sci-fi first-person spooker Moons Of Madness has reemerged from its dark development cave after a year scratching runes into the wall with splintered fingernails, now aiming to launch around Halloween 2019. And it's also now quietly tied into the spooky-ooky stories of The Secret World, thanks to finding a publisher in the form of Funcom. Observe, a new trailer hinting at spookies including someone…

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3 years ago

Moons of Madness is Lovecraftian horror on Mars

Moons of Madness [official site] wants to be a lot of things: a Lovecraftian horror game set on Mars, a mature exploration of mental health issues and a hard sci-fi space simulator. Gulp. Its trailer certainly looks scary to me, although I'm the kind of person that can only play horror games in 15 minute bursts (I've been on Alien: Isolation for the last two months…

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