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Mortal Shell

6 days ago

Feature: Get your RTX and RDNA 2 graphics cards at the ready

Here are all the confirmed ray tracing and DLSS games so far

Ray tracing is the hot new graphics tech of 2021, and Nvidia have just announced another fresh crop of ray tracing and DLSS games that are coming to PC later this year. To help you keep track of them all, I've created this list of all the confirmed ray tracing games you can play on PC right now, as well which ones will be getting…

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5 months ago

Feature: Make the world misty

Mortal Shell: How to open locked chests

If you’ve played Mortal Shell, even for a little bit, you may have bumped into plenty of fishy, stone chests which refuse to open. Unlike their wooden counterparts, these things simply won’t let you in unless you’ve fulfilled a very specific request.In this guide I’ll explain how you can start cracking open these rocky presents.

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Feature: Skip the mist

Mortal Shell: How to fast travel

Getting around Mortal Shell’s map isn’t easy. The world is often veiled in mist, forks in the road add to the confusion, and many paths look identical - plus, there’s no minimap to rely upon.Thankfully there’s a way to teleport between all the Sister Genessas - she acts as a checkpoint if you’re new to the game - scattered around the world. This saves so…

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Feature: Grab them as soon as you can

Mortal Shell: All shell locations

Shells in Mortal Shell are suits of armour previously owned by warriors, and thieves, and powerful folks in general. They represent the game’s classes, each corresponding to a playstyle. For example, one Shell is particularly tanky, while another grants you the ability to dash frequently, but at the cost of lowering your health bar dramatically.There are a total of four Shells - one of which…

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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Eredrim’s Shell

Eredrim is the tankiest Shell in Mortal Shell. In this guide I’ll explain where to find it.Eredrim, the Venerable is one of four Shells in Mortal Shell. It’s the tankiest Shell out of the bunch, offering a massive bonus to your health, average Resolve, and very little Stamina to work with. Its strength lies in increased survivability, coupled with unlockable bonuses which will let you…

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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Tiel’s Shell

Tiel is Mortal Shell’s rogue. Equip this Shell and you’ll have plenty of stamina and a shadowstep dash, but at the cost of very little health. In this guide I’ll explain where to find this Shell towards the start of the game.Mortal Shell is home to four different Shells, suits of armour which each have their own unique sets of unlockable traits and stat differences.…

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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Solomon’s Shell

Solomon’s Shell offers a nice balance of health and stamina, but its unlockable abilities set it apart. In this guide I'll explain where to find it.Solomon’s Shell is similar to Harros’ at first glance, but dig deeper and you’ll find strong boosts to Resolve abilities. It has greater max Resolve, and many of his abilities centre around parries as well as Hardening. This makes the…

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Mortal Shell: How To Parry

Parrying in Mortal Shell requires the Tarnished Seal. Land a parry and you’ll deal huge damage with a riposte, so it’s definitely a skill worth mastering. Our guide will help you find the Tarnished Seal and provide some tips to help you nail those parries.Combat in Mortal Shell is brutal. A couple of hits from an enemy will chunk your health bar down to nothing…

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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Harros’ Shell

Harros is the most balanced of Mortal Shell’s Shells with no real downsides, other than, it has no standout features. In this guide I'll explain where to find it.Harros is the game’s starter Shell, offering a nice balance of health to stamina, a standard block, and no frills unlockables. This means it’s usable in every scenario, but it won’t stand out either.Here’s where you can…

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Mortal Shell is out now, offering some decent Dark Souls-ing

Look, comparisons to Dark Souls are trite, but Mortal Shell is understood most quickly through comparison to the games which so clearly inspired it. Off you go through a ruined fantasy world, parrying and riposting as you duff up baddies, piecing together history from snippets of stories, and so on. Our Mortal Shell review calls it "a fairly strong Soulslike", which might be somewhat faint…

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Feature: Worth shelling out?

Mortal Shell review

Mortal Shell tries desperately hard to emulate its hero Dark Souls, while also attempting to carve out its own weird niche. Expect a big toad NPC to blurt out something like "Apocryphal intestines lie in the heart of darkness!" while you’re being smacked in the bum by a crazed villager wielding a lute. But scrape away all the spooky-big-words dressing and you’ve got a fairly…

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6 months ago

Brutal Soulslike Mortal Shell gets a release date of August 18th

If you've been hankering for some more Dark Souls-like action after playing Mortal Shell's free open beta last month, you won't have to wait much longer, as developers Cold Symmetry have confirmed it's coming out in full on August 18th. This action-RPG is the very first game from Cold Symmetry, and it is truly a love letter to all things Soulsborne - gothic settings, huge…

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7 months ago

Feature: Epic lute

Mortal Shell is a body-hopping Dark Souls tribute act, with wicked lute solos

I dread any ‘soulslike’ game arriving in my inbox, as it normally means having to make a video based on the first fight shot from different angles, as I couldn’t get any further. So it speaks to the appeal of Cold Symmetry's Mortal Shell that I persevered long enough to put together an entire video preview, and find a delightful lute to jam on in…

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Mortal Shell shows off its Souls-inspired action

While the Soulslike craze of the tensies wandered down increasingly esoteric paths of Soulslikelikes and Soulslikelikelikes, here comes a new one looking to hew relatively close to its inspirations: Mortal Shell. Following its announcement earlier this year, the action-RPG got its first gameplay showing today during IGN's Summer of Gaming stream. Dank tombs, cryptic conversations, big swords, bigger ladies, and a fella wearing the Elite…

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