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9 months ago

Mosaic brings maximum discomfort on PC next month

As much as I might like winter, it's hell for commuting. The buses are crowded, the darkness has sapped the colour from the air. Each day feels like it begins after the journey out and ends before the trip back home. The perfect time, then, for Krillbite Studios to release Mosaic - their eerie corporate follow-up to 2015's Among The Sleep. After a four year…

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4 years ago

Among The Action: Krillbite Tease Mosaic In New Trailer

Whereas Among the Sleep explored the terrors of the world through the lens of a child, it seems Krillbite Studio's next venture, Mosaic [official site], aims to tackle themes of adulthood desperation and alienation by way of the 9-5 rat race. I say this with a degree of uncertainty as the Norwegian developers have kept pretty schtum with regards to exactly what their next project entails,…

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Among The Sleep Devs Announce Adult Game, Mosaic

Among The Sleep developers, Krillbite Studios, have announced they're working on Mosaic [official site] - a game which Killscreen describes as being about "the malaise and existential surreality of being an adult". They also quote the artist Bjørnar Frøyse saying "It’s about being a small piece in this big machinery that you don’t feel anything for."So I guess... the absurdity of the mundane while working…

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