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Murderous Pursuits

1 year ago

2 years ago

Hunt your friends in Murderous Pursuits, today’s Steam giveaway

It's hard to get a niche multiplayer game going, especially one that requires players to behave themselves. That's probably why Murderous Pursuits, latest backstab 'em up from Blazing Griffin (makers of The Ship) is free on Steam right now. Not just a free weekend (which it had done previously), but a 'grab now, keep it forever' deal. As with The Ship, it's a game of…

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Feature: Listen or count calmly to ten

Podcast: What makes you panic?

 To experience this #content, you will need to enable targeting cookies. Yes, we know. Sorry. Manage cookie settings Whoa whoa, calm down, breeeathe. Now, explain it to me slowly. The RPS podcast did what? They talked about the games that make them panic? Hm. That does sound like something those scoundrels of the Electronic Wireless Show would do. They’d probably talk about Subnautica and…

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Murderous Pursuits adds more ways to pursue murderers for a free weekend

I want to tell everyone to buy Murderous Pursuits whenever I write about it, but I can't. It's a quietly brilliant hunt 'n' be hunted multiplayer game in the vein of Assassin's Creed multiplayer, from the same people who made The Ship: Remasted. The problem is that by 'quietly' I mean 'most of the time there aren't enough people playing to fill a server'.Huzzah for…

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3 years ago

Feature: Listen now to warm your bones

Podcast: Feeling the cold with Frostpunk

Bit nippy in here, isn’t it? Let’s throw another game on the fire and warm ourselves with some electro-soup. Yes, it’s the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, and this week we’re talking about freezing cold city-builder Frostpunk. Katharine lost a third of her people to cold when she forgot to turn the heat on, while Brendan dug up his society’s dead because he "needed…

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Murderous Pursuits has slunk out of the shadows

That's a misleading headline. It'd have been more accurate to say Murderous Pursuits has fooled you into thinking it's not a threat, discarded its AI disguise and stabbed you in the belly with a sabre. It'd be more accurate still to say its a multiplayer assassination game about hunting and being hunted from The Ship: Remasted devs, and that it just came out.I've already told…

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Chase Murderous Pursuits in its open beta this weekend

"This is what I’ve always wanted Assassin’s Creed multiplayer to be", said I in a preview of Murderous Pursuits. It's a game about hunting and being hunted by Ship: Remasted devs Blazing Griffin, and if you boot up the free open beta this weekend that'll be doubly true: the devs say they'll be lurking around, waiting to hit you in the back of the head…

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Feature: Ship shape

Murderous Pursuits is the best version of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer

Murderous Pursuits is The Ship: Remasted crew’s latest stab at a multiplayer assassination game, due out next month. Like in previous Ship games, you’re given a target to hunt while another player hunts you. Unlike previous Ship games, you're on a flying boat packed with alternate reality Victorian time-travellers.The real difference, though, lies in how the devs have fully embraced the joys of NPCamoflauge: the…

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Murderous Pursuits is the next multiplayer assassination game from The Ship: Remasted devs

Oooh, now this is intriguing - The Ship: Remasted devs Blazing Griffin are taking another stab at their 'murder party' formula. Today they announced Murderous Pursuits, a game about hunting (and being hunted by) other players. You have to sneak up on your quarry by pretending to be one of the AI characters milling around, just like in the old Assassin's Creed multiplayer modes but…

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