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Necrobarista review

Ordering up a nice steaming cuppa feelings


3 months ago

Necrobarista is planning several free story DLCs

Stylish visual novel Necrobarista launched just last week but Route 59 are already brewing a second batch. The anime-inspired click and read 'em up will be getting several free DLC chapters to flesh out the stories of some characters you might have been curious about. The developers say they're planning for these story additions, and some gameplay updates, to start rolling out later this year.

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Master death and coffee in Necrobarista on July 22

Stylish narrative game Necrobarista is serving up a release date at last. It's got snark. It's got references to Dungeons & Dragons alignment. It's got baristas serving brews that can literally wake the dead. The anime-inspired visual novel debuted an intense new trailer to announce that it will be releasing next week on July 22nd.

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1 year ago

Necrobarista serves up a steaming cup of urban fantasy in August

I'd imagine that being cold and dead makes a hot cup of coffee sound like a fantastic idea, which is probably the force driving spirits to Necrobarista's magical Melbourne coffee-shop. Developed by Route 59 Games and out on August 9th, it's a modern-day visual novel tale of magic and myth set in a necromancer-run cafe frequented by the recently deceased and living alike. It's all…

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4 years ago