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Need For Speed Heat

4 days ago

The Need For Speed Heat trailer is shiny and confusing

20 seconds in and it’s clear to me that Need for Speed Heat is a game that will drift past me at high speed. EA’s newest car factory knows its audience. It’s for the people that love cars and racing the police through the city streets. Meanwhile, I'm over here flinching at the fake policeman shouting “I said right now!” out of nowhere. That was…

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Feature: Pumped full of Nitro

Need For Speed Heat release date, trailer, news and gameplay

The countdown for the new Need For Speed has ticked down to zero and it brought with it the reveal of Need For Speed Heat. From what we've seen, it'll feature everything you'd imagine an Need For Speed game to have - fast cars, police chases, and lots and lots of ways to pimp your ride.

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