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No Man's Sky

10 months ago

Feature: A plethora of games to scratch that same Minecraft itch

Games like Minecraft – 16 best games like Minecraft from the past ten years

There have been a great many games like Minecraft over the past decade. Which is to be expected, because who wouldn't want to capitalise on the runaway mainstream success of the decade, and the best-selling video game of all time? There are many things that are very special about Minecraft, but we've compiled our list of the 16 best games like Minecraft out there right…

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1 year ago

Feature: Full No Man's Sky Beyond patch notes included!

No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes: VR, Multiplayer, Beyond update explained

No Man's Sky Beyond is the latest free update to the once-disastrous-but-now-actually-quite-good survival adventure title from Hello Games. And, true to form, it's an ambitious one, adding no less than full VR support, No Man's Sky multiplayer, and a host of other changes and new features.There's 3 updates' worth of content packed into this one package according to Hello Games (not to mention a fair…

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4 years ago

Feature: Thrive in your procedural galaxy

No Man’s Sky Guide: Top Hints And Tips For Survival

No Man’s Sky is, at its heart, a game about exploration, and the wondrous yet frightening discovery of just how small you are. Its systems are built to encourage this discovery on every level, from logging new plant species to new planets. Its much-hyped procedurally-generated universe is designed to make you feel overwhelmed, but just like our universe, it obeys its own laws. If you’d…

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Feature: And how to do it as quickly as possible

No Man’s Sky: How To Get To The Centre Of The Galaxy

No Man’s Sky is a gentle space exploration game, right? It’s all about traveling unaided, taking your time, discovering the marvels of a vast artificial galaxy at your own pace. It’s about the journey, not the destination.Well, not for you, it isn’t. There was that one guy who played before release and said he reached the centre of the galaxy in thirty hours, and you’re…

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Feature: Building a better spaceship

No Man’s Sky: Where To Find Technology & Adjacency Bonuses Explained

Your starship, your multi-tool and your exosuit are the three pillars of your journey into No Man's Sky's galaxy. In a neat cycle (aka, a gameplay loop), they are also the principal beneficiaries of all your toil, as there’s really no purpose to your resource gathering and money making other than to improve your ship, tool and suit. If you’d like to increase your inventory…

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No Man’s Sky Resources: Elements And Crafting Items

There are five main types of resource that you can gather from the world of No Man's Sky, each with a few sub-types. These sub-types represent elements - some fictional - in No Man’s Sky’s periodic table. For certain tasks only a particular elemental type is required - charging your mining beam can be done with any isotope, for instance - but other tasks require…

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Feature: Get rich via plant picking

No Man’s Sky: How To Gather Resources Quickly

Now that you understand what resources are available in No Man’s Sky, it’s time to discuss how to collect them so you can make progress. You can acquire them directly by mining planets, or you can buy them on the galactic market, which means you need money.It’s the nature of a vast, procedurally generated universe that we can’t recommend a specific, high-yield farming spot, but…

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No Man’s Sky: How To Make Money On The Galactic Market

The galactic market will become an integral part of your No Man's Sky spacefaring adventures almost as soon as you can access it. Selling goods at a premium is one of the best ways to make money quickly, and buying whatever you need from the market is probably the quickest way to progress through the game’s crafting tiers. Here's how to do both in the…

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No Man’s Sky: How To Increase Your Ship & Exosuit Inventory Slots

As you go boldly into the No Man's Sky universe, driven by the noble virtue that is curiosity, staring unblinking into the majestic yet terrifying abyss of space with steel in your heart, you must prepare for constant battle with the enemy of every spacefarer: pockets. Your inventory space is the hard cap on each resource-gathering run, and thus a major brake on your progress…

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No Man’s Sky: How To Find Creatures Quickly

A final means to earn money in No Man's Sky is by logging the many discoveries you’ll make as you explore (though you’d think the many alien races who clearly got here first might’ve got around to that). Your findings are listed under the Discoveries tab of the pause menu. Anything marked with a red chevron has not yet been logged.

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No Man’s Sky: How To Make Warp Cells

One of the most important energy sources you’ll come across in your No Man's Sky journey is the warp cell. These power your hyperdrive - one cell is good for one hyperdrive jump, and hyperdrive jumps are how you get from one star system to the next. If you’re going to make any significant distance in No Man’s Sky, you’ll need to craft a lot…

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